Costa Rican photos seek a home in the United States

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    • A Piece Of Costa Rica has seven collections, five finishes, and more than 60 photos, in a wide variety of sizes, from 12″x18″ to 60″x40″.
    • A strict policy of zero inserts committed partners and prints made only on-demand allow the brand to produce green and sustainable products.

    It’s official! A Piece Of Costa Rica’s online store is available now at, and its stunning photos are ready to find a home anywhere in the States.

    The brand came on the market with more than 60 photographs, seven collections, and more than five finishes, thus positioning the beautiful places of Costa Rica in the American territory.

    If you have already had the opportunity to visit the wonderful country of Costa Rica or plan to do so. A Piece of Costa Rica is the perfect gift that will allow you to turn those moments lived, or to live, into tangible pieces full of art, life, and emotion.

    The prints are made under strict quality standards, have a zero insertion policy, have committed partners, and are all printed-on-demand only, producing sustainable works of art in total harmony with the environment. Furthermore, in all the products, the customer will find the ECO-Credentials labels that guarantee the correct selection of materials for the production and printing of the pictures.

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    These products come from the brave hearts and dreaming minds of a group of young Ticos who seek to show and communicate the beauty of the 51,100 km² of Costa Rica in the homes of adventurous people, nature lovers, and people that are truly committed to the environment.

    If you are one of them, we invite you to support this new brand, spreading the word, recommending it, or buying its products. Plus, by doing so, you will also support the preservation of The Children’s Eternal Rainforest, the first conservation ally of A Piece of Costa Rica.

    If you’re interested in acquiring one of these beautiful photographs, don’t forget to visit

    Questions or queries regarding these products? Contact the brand via:

    E-mail: [email protected]


    Facebook: @apieceofcostarica

    Instagram: @apieceofcostarica

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