Know the Indicated Date for Traveling to Costa Rica and Discover Its Wonders

    To travel, time and organization are always necessary and even better, knowing what the ideal dates or seasons are, so that we enjoy ourselves to the fullest, here we will show you the ideal ones to get to know Costa Rica...

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    In the world, there are a lot of people who in their free time want to know other countries, other cultures, other landscapes, but coincidentally the thought of the date may be in the chosen country, the least appropriate, they will wonder why? Mainly because of the weather.

    If you choose to visit Costa Rica, it is a great decision and we are sure that you will not regret it. What you should be aware of is that the Central American country is totally tropical and has two climatic seasons: dry (from December to April) and rainy (from May to November).

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    Experts say that normally the climate of Costa Rica can be varied and more so today, that in various parts of the world the same thing also happens, the seasons can be advanced or extended.

    In Costa Rica, many times during the dry season in the southern zone and in the central part of the Pacific coast, rains continue to fall in the months of December and January. To the north, it is also said that the climate is hotter, so much so that it can reach 40°, although this climate should not stop you from visiting the area.

    If you decide to travel in the rainy season, you should know that rain starts at noon and can last until the beginning of the night, that is, in the morning you will enjoy the radiant sun.

    Details for traveling to specific places in Costa Rica

    If visiting San José, the capital of Costa Rica, is in your plans, experts recommend that it be between the months of February and April, since the weather is more sunny and pleasant. December and January are also valid months to travel since they correspond to the dry season.

    Touristic destinations
    Touristic destinations

     If you want to get to know Puerto Limón, Puerto Viejo, Tortuguero or the entire Caribbean coast, each of the destinations has a warm climate throughout the year, ideal for enjoying days at the beach, although many agree that the dry season (in February or April), is the best opportunity, preferably March as the ideal month for two fundamental things: there is an ideal climate and it is the best time to see the animal species.

    Also to meet animals we recommend seasons

    There are animals that do not have time to see them, as is the case with the most sought after, the sloth. Many people can enjoy turtles and whales as well.In Costa Rican waters, several species of turtles arrive: Leatherback, Carey, La Verde, Loggerhead and Leatherbacks, depending on the park they go to, they can be seen between August and October. If we talk about Tortuguero, from April to October, depending on the species that arrive or if we talk about Las Baulas National Park, the season goes from October to February.

    To see the whales, the best time in Costa Rica is between August and September; orcas, Bryde’s whales, or pilot whales can be seen in the parks: National Uvita, Manuel Antonio, in the Gulf of Papagayo or the Osa Peninsula.

    If in any case, you want to observe the Quetzales, we recommend the excursions to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and Los Quetzales National Park, if you go to these places that we mentioned, the ideal time is between December and April, of course first thing in the morning keep your eyes fixed on the top of the trees.

    In conclusion, among the best months to travel and stay captivated by the pure life of Costa Rica, it is preferable that you plan for the months of December, January, February, March, and April, so you will not get lost with the previous indications of pleasant climates, the sun on the beach, the incredible views, its mountains in full green and the species of animals that are part of the tropical paradise.

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