Jacó Impact: Characterized in Training, Motivation and Community Support

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    Every beginning and development of a project has its challenges, but despite this, we must maintain positivism, empathy, love and team commitment so that of course, everything goes well.

    A clear example of overcoming has been for four consecutive years, the non-profit organization, Jacó Impact, through an incredible team that has a leader, Yorgina Ureña, a dynamic woman and also a professional surfer, all together they have achieved changing the way of thinking and therefore acting of many citizens in Costa Rica, even of foreigners who have visited Jacó.

    Green markets in sight!

    Through teamwork with those in charge of the facilities of the Los Sueños Marriott hotel, they have been able to manage the colorful and productive Mercaditos Verdes and give support to the group of entrepreneurial artists, who will be active again next Saturday, December 18th from 9 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon.

    Products with handmade fabric

    A few months ago, the project leader @EcoGi had the opportunity to get to know Guatemala, it is there where the idea of ​​creating products with handmade fabric from that country was born, however, “they did not want to lose our vision of mixing waste jeans and clothes with the new fabrics.” It is worth noting that the product is made by the “Ecogj” textile artist and the fabrics come from the Panajachel Women’s Association. The collection is located in the Garabito operations center, local entrepreneur store # 23.

    “Pilar Educativo” project

    This Tuesday, December 14th, 90 Ticos received their certification after participating in technical courses offered by professionals from Jacó Impact, all of them belonging to the “Pilar Educativo” project: they give us their testimony of what people can achieve. Among the courses were: Bartender, Technology Literacy, Maid Supervisors, Basic English, Pajamas Course, Design Course, Tailoring, as well as Events and Banquets.

    Given the few training possibilities that exist in the Garabito area and the high rates of poverty, from Jacó Impact the technical courses have been carried out at a totally accessible cost and with scholarships for low-income people. From this Costa Rican movement, alliances have been created with private companies for support, to facilitate the best collaborators so that people understand deeply and also, can enter the local labor market in the best way.

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