Is There An Overpopulation Of Crocodiles in the Country? This Past Wednesday One Entered a House in Puntarenas

    Fortunately no injured people were reported after tremendous scare

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    On the morning of this past Wednesday, August 23rd, a family from San Luis de Chacarita, Puntarenas, had a tremendous scare after they found a crocodile inside the house.According to the authorities, the report was given after 6:05 am.Personnel from the Meritorious Fire Department were dispatched to the property, who provided care and worked to rescue the animal with special equipment.

    According to reports, the animal after being removed from the house was protected and removed from danger, being transferred to an unknown place.Fortunately, the authorities did not report any injuries after this incident, which undoubtedly arouses concern in the population because the animal apparently reached the house by its own means.

    Studies will decide course of action

    Regarding the issue of crocodile overpopulation in Costa Rica, a few weeks ago the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE) reported that it is carrying out a study to determine whether the country is experiencing overpopulation or not, this to determine actions in this regard.

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