Is it a Good Idea Getting Dental Treatments Abroad?

    Many options are available, but they all must be studied carefully to make the right decision.

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    Traveling to another country is a good option to get low cost, good quality dental treatments. Some countries like Costa Rica offer prices from 50%-70% lower than prices for the same dental care in the USA and Canada. The benefit is especially notable if you need many treatments or more than one dental implant. Traveling to Costa Rica for dental care will allow you to save a considerable amount of money.

    Why is it less expensive?

    It is common for people to associate low prices with low quality, however, that is not the case with dental tourism. In fact, it is quite the opposite since the countries where dental tourism is well established are governed by rigorous quality standards and many of the clinics abroad have international certifications. In fact, Costa Rica has some of the top globally ranked dental clinics. Goodness Dental in Escazu is consistently ranked by Global Clinic Rating, as one of the top five dental clinics in the world.

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    The low prices in these countries are directly related to the cost of living (housing prices, services, etc.) as this allows dentists to offer their services for lower prices while maintaining a good percentage of income.

    Some clinics offer extra services such as private accommodations and transportation for their patients, so they can enjoy a true tourist experience while receiving the necessary dental treatment.

    For the best quality dental care in Costa Rica visit:

    Quality care

    The clinics and staff in Costa Rica are recognized for offering quality care, friendliness and efficiency. In fact, it is quite common for Europeans and North Americans to express surprise that they have received better treatment than they receive in their own countries and many of them state that the overall experience was more pleasant.

    Some agencies dedicated to dental tourism offer cosmetic dentistry packages that include transportation from the airport to the hotel, lodging, schedule that may allow for some sightseeing. In this way, you avoid having to coordinate everything on your own and the process is more enjoyable. This is especially beneficial for people who feel anxious about visiting the dentist as it allows them to relax before and after treatment.

    Because social security does not cover any type of aesthetic treatment, people must resort to private dental practices that are expensive, which is why it is most common for those who travel to other countries to seek aesthetic dentistry treatments. Costa Rica is a leading country for cosmetic dental procedures.

    Some of the most requested treatments in the dental tourism industry are:

    • Dental implants.
    • All on 4
    • Full Mouth Restorations
    • Dental Crowns
    • Dental Veneers
    • Dental Bridges
    • Teeth Whitening
    • Dental Fillings, Extractions and Root Canals.

    It doesn’t make much sense to travel just for whitening or extraction, but it’s worth traveling if you need more than one treatment.

    Some dental clinics offer tourist packages that include accommodation and transportation from the airport to the clinic. In this way, they ensure that they offer a simpler and more enjoyable experience to patients. Some dental clinics offer their own private guest houses to allow patients a more traditional approach to Costa Rican hospitality.

    Before making reservations

    It is recommended that you research the dental clinic prior to contact. A reputable dental clinic will have many Google reviews and will demonstration accreditation. The leading clinics will also be ranked by and be certified, accredited members of the Costa Rica Dental Association.

    Get an estimate

    Dental clinics in Costa Rica as well as other clinics abroad will usually request a panoramic dental x-rays to assess the current state of your oral health before you travel. While this is in no way a substitute for a consultation, it gives the clinic enough information to enable them to provide an estimated cost of the treatment you need.

    Dental panoramic views are essential in planning dental implant treatments, as they allow to view the entire set of teeth and the position of each tooth and its root. You will also receive a face-to-face consultation and an appropriate intraoral exam with a clinic dentist who will provide you with a detailed treatment plan and the exact cost for the treatment you need.

    How to pay for your treatment?

    Although you may save a lot of money doing dental tourism, you may still need some kind of financial assistance to pay for the treatment. When dealing with a dentist abroad, your main options will be a credit card or cash payment. Some clinics offer private financing or discounts for cash payments.

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