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    Dental Medical Tourism, an Interesting Option for Traveling To Costa Rica

    El turismo médico dental se define ampliamente como viajar a otro estado o país para recibir atención médica.

    The Safety of Dental Tourism in Costa Rica

    Before traveling anywhere for medical treatment, it is important to investigate safety issues – primarily your personal safety and the safety of dental procedures. Although it...
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    7 Comforts for a Better Dental Tourism Experience

    Before we get to the 7 comforts of dental tourism to consider, don’t forget the 7 critical items before you head out the door: Passport,...
    Dental Implants

    The Effects of a Trump Presidency on Medical and Dental Tourism

    Say the word “Trump” and watch out!  You are likely to hear cheers and have a rally form impromptu, and witness an equal and...
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    Johns Hopkins M.B.A. Publishes Dental Tourism Guide

    Howard Siegler, Medical Correspondent for The Costa Rica News and long-time dental tourism advocate published The Beginner’s Guide to Dental Tourism.  Siegler says the...

    Health Care in Costa Rica Can Actually Save You Money

    So what is it that keeps you from the proper health care you need?  Money!  The US health care system is a minefield of...
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