Dental Medical Tourism, an Interesting Option for Traveling To Costa Rica

    Medical tourism a protagonist of travel

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    Medical dental tourism is broadly defined as traveling to another state or country for medical care. Historically, the case was that patients from less developed countries traveled to nations with greater possibilities for medical procedures that were not available in their own country.

    Today, the roles have been reversed and this trend is growing every year. In our country, dental medical tourism has become an important economic activity since it has excellent highly qualified medical personnel in each of its specialties.

    Foreigners visit Costa Rica to undergo medical procedures.

    Americans prefer to come to our country to undergo surgical interventions in Costa Rica, thus saving 50% of the expenses, doctors specializing in dentistry, plastic surgeries, and combat aging is the most sought after in our country.

    Without a doubt, the sector has managed to establish itself in Costa Rica as a great industry. Not only is it part of the state’s job agendas, but it also managed to institutionalize the issue at the level of professional associations. (doctors, dentists, and nurses).

    The most popular group of procedures performed in Costa Rica are those that are not specifically covered by health insurance companies in Canada, the United States, Europe, and other territories.

     Which include elective surgeries, cosmetic surgeries, and dentistry. The high cost of medical care outside of our country, without medical insurance, is the weighting factor for most patients.

    When people have to pay, out of pocket, for a treatment or procedure, they will look for the best deal; Without neglecting quality in the process

    Benefits of medical tourism.

    The gains derived from medical tourism work both ways, for the tourist and the locals of Costa Rica. By-products include:

    • Increase in foreign exchange inflows from foreign investment in equipment and capital buildings.

    • Increase in foreign currency inflows through existing tourism products.

    • More and better opportunities for trained professionals in the field of medicine.

    • A healthcare industry at competitive prices for locals.

    • Higher standards in the hospital and clinic for the benefit of locals and visitors.

    • A health care sector in continuous improvement, at the pace of international standards.

    • Increase in benefits to hospitals and direct support services.

    Take more and more space in Costa Rica

    Medical tourism takes center stage in the country, given the stagnation in the arrival of visitors to Costa Rica for vacation reasons.

    On average, each visitor seeking treatment in the country spends about $ 7,000 during their visit, without counting if they are accompanied, or if they subsequently carry out some other type of recreational activity.

    Finally, you can safely travel to Costa Rica for medical interventions and where patients find technology, knowledge, and comfort.


    “Went to OftalmoCIMA yesterday. Weird fuzzy shapes, fog/bubbles in one eye and vertical flashes in the periphery. And I hadn’t had any mushrooms lately.

    Diagnosed as a retinal tear that wasn’t fully detached, so they were able to use a laser to cauterize and weld the retina back in place. Dr Rojas diagnosed and Dr Vander Laat was a Jedi with the laser. Procedure took about 14 minutes, mostly due to have to properly position the lens while contending with my Neandertal brow. Procedure was painless except for slight pressure on the eye during the setup.

    Vision is nearly 95% today, though it may take several days for those fuzzy shapes to dissolve.

    Cost $700. In the states, this procedure would be between $5k-$10k.

    Two thumbs up for CIMA”.Gregory Heil

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