Health Care in Costa Rica Can Actually Save You Money

Dental Tourism in Costa Rica is much more affordable than where you live

So what is it that keeps you from the proper health care you need?  Money!  The US health care system is a minefield of unpleasant surprises.  Even with health care insurance that, for the most part, makes regular doctor visits unaffordable because of deductibles so high that you only get real access if you are at ‘death’s door’.

It’s only when your health experiences a catastrophic event that your incredibly high deductible is reached, as the full weight of the health care system is mobilized to save you.  So your $10 – $20,000 deductible is reached in days, if not hours.  The average medical consumer cannot afford to go to a doctor to treat symptoms, or even a full blown illness. To keep your premiums affordable, you have to have health insurance deductibles so high that you have to learn to live with substandard health.  This is even more so for dental work.

Dental insurance is for the most part worthless.  Most plans will pay for a dental cleaning a couple times a year.  But when it comes to a full blown dental crisis, it’s worthless.  You might be looking at a $6, 8, 10, 15,000 maybe $20,000+ dental bill you can never afford.  And unless you’ve got cash, a credit card with a high limit, or a wealthy uncle, you must live with the consequences. The pain and the agony of a dental hell. The shame and public embarrassment of being unable to smile and show your teeth, or eat a meal you can enjoy. You, my friend, are a victim of the US dental system. You could drag yourself into 99% of the dental offices in the US with your gums bleeding, agonizing shooting pains through the nerves of your teeth, and they would point to the sign by the receptionist’s desk that says, ‘payment due upon services rendered’.

No money? They will tell you to go to the local hospital emergency room.  It was the ‘accidental tourist’ years ago who had a dental problem while traveling in a foreign country like Costa Rica, and found that the local dentist charged pennies on the dollar for what it would have cost in the US.  Over the years people trapped by US dentists and their merciless, non-competitive pricing, looked for alternatives and an answer to being bankrupted by US dentists.  They refused to be held hostage to their local dentist in the US, and got on a plane and flew to countries like Costa Rica to save their dental health. There they found capable dentists who practiced in a modern dental facility, and who performed complex dental procedures that literally saved their quality of life at prices they could afford.

What would have cost $20,000 in the US, they paid less than half that. Sometimes even less than that.  Canadians routinely save as much as 60%-70% compared to what their local dentist charges in Canada.

Dental medical tourism is the antidote to the US dental system’s exorbitant price gouging that may save your teeth, but ruin you financially.  Countries like Costa Rica offer an answer to many of you who live a life of dental misery that affects every part of your life.

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