Is ChatGPT Hated or Loved?

    Let’s learn more about the artificial intelligence (AI) tool that is changing the world as we know it

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    Many of my colleagues using it have been not only amazed but scared by its great response time and writing logic. In this regard,ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence tool that uses the GPT-3.5 neural network. This is to generate clear, coherent and natural responses to user questions and comments.

    Its importance lies in its great ability to understand natural language and generate responses that closely resemble the responses that a real person would give. It is claimed that it can help improve the user experience in a variety of settings and that there is now a free tool that is very easy to use.

    Let’s go with concrete examples

    In order not to stay only in theory and so that you can see his way of writing, I asked ChatGPT, what could I use it for? And this was his literal response, what do you think?

    Text generation- GPT can be used to generate coherent and natural text, which can be useful for content creation, machine translation, and speech synthesis.

    Sentiment analysis-GPT can be used to analyze the sentiment of a text; that is, whether the text is positive, negative or neutral. This can be useful for customer satisfaction assessment, online reputation monitoring, and social media sentiment detection.

    Answering questions-GPT can be used to answer questions automatically. This can be useful for customer support and creating chatbots that can interact with customers and provide information.

    Text summary-GPT can be used to summarize long texts into a shorter, coherent summary. This can be useful for reporting and document review.

    Text Classification- GPT can be used to classify text into specific categories, which can be useful for content classification and social media monitoring.


    Opinions on Twitter

    In order to counteract, I appreciate the opinion of a large number of Twitter users who have used ChatGPT and who very kindly shared their opinion about the platform.

    From there, I share some:

    • It decontextualizes and leads to error

    • You have to see it as a brilliant assistant or practitioner and not use it as if it were Google

    • It is very basic; it is almost like Wikipedia

    • I use it a lot as it is an excellent help

    • It helps me correct texts, summarize ideas, put titles and translate texts from all languages.

    Other opinions:

    • The good and the bad come from how it is used, rather than from the technology itself.

    • It is a natural language model trained to perform various tasks

    • Limited utility; sometimes lies

    • Good guide, but what it says cannot be trusted 100%

    • It is a collage of information with inaccuracies

    • I love it. It helps me a lot for brainstorming, but you have to curate the contents

    • I was scared; it is super good

    • Very repetitive and gives the same answer to many people

    • Inaccurate and unreliable

    • It is a great tool, if you know how to use it.

    • He is a plagiarist and a generalist, etc.

    And this is what ChatGPT thinks about these answers…

    Finally, I asked ChatGPT for their opinion on what they told me and they replied: “Users should be aware that GPT is a tool and that the answers it provides should be verified and corroborated before making important decisions”.

    Anyway, this artificial intelligence thing brings them… Another great revolution that we will be experiencing. Are you ready to live it?

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