Integration is the Priority for a Better World

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    Integration will allow us as a global society to better invest resources in areas that are vital for the future of human kind and the preservation of Planet Earth. In order to invest well these funds we will need creating team work in each country and territory that is neutral, pragmatic, forward-looking and supportive of future prosperity of the whole of society.

    The contrary of integration would be fragmentation, and this should only be done for pragmatic reasons, like reducing inefficiency. Thus integration does not respond to any ideological or partisan tendency, nor does it represent a globalization-oriented ideology.

    But, what does integration really mean?

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    Integration means unity that enables peer-to-peer colaboration, unification of resources and the suppresion of unnecessary barriers. Integration is possible thanks to, among other factors, communication technology, and for this factor to be effective first of all an educational effort needs to be undertaken. This includes tearing down mental barriers along with tearing down physical barriers. In order for integration to function, the implementation of redistribution policies must be carried out.

    Integration sometimes does not happen because certain negative forces oppose it and  impose their point of view through the use of some kind of manipulation, and because of this the world is in need of improvement, since extreme differences in income and quality of life are present.

    There is a demographic dividend that is reflected in the billions of people who remain unemployed. Global hunger has only been very timidly mitigated by the efforts of the Food and Agriculture Organization through its World Food Program. Dozens of senseless wars continue to slap specially the developing world. Billions remain uneducated, without access to drinkable water or sanitation facilities.

    In spite of this, global corporations continue to manufacture cars running on fossil fuels in order to maintain shareholders happy and industrial workers in developed nations employed. Countries continue to prioritize their spending in maintaining national armies to “protect”  against foreign enemies, but that really are a scheme to safeguard vested elite interests of the industrial and military complex.

    Integración, Bienvenidos, Apretón De Manos, En La Mano

    It’s time for taking action

    It doesn’t have to be this way. What a wonderful world we could be in, since we have the knowledge, the clean technology, and the proper funding. But we have not been able to achieve this global dream of a better planet because we have forgotten to embrace integration as our top priority. The elites of course are not interested because the lack of integration justifies their very own system of dominance and control, using fear as their main weapon. The fear of the unknown will kill us all if we let it overtake us.

    Integration cannot be blocked by differences of race, ethnicity or religion.  A message based on hatred and confrontation is detrimental to society and provokes a phenomenal increase of anarchy. We will be better off with mutual acceptance and understanding, without intermediaries that want to extract a political competitive advantage to justify their zest for power.

    Integration will not happen overnight. We need to devise a strategy in which integration occurs gradually and steadily. Total integration should imply the absence of armed conflict and  imply that diversity turns into an asset and is not used as a weapon by the elites to instigate fear in the masses. Integration includes cooperation. Cooperation needs to incorporate mutual understanding and generosity. We can not allow pitfalls to continue to divide us, we must remember that we are one global society, united as the human family.

    Integration is my top priority in life. Because through integration we can divert the world’s ill-distributed wealth to be invested in education and healthcare, in a “Green Revolution”.  Integration includes cooperation. Cooperation needs to incorporate mutual understanding and generosity. We can not allow pitfalls to continue to divide us, let’s remember that we are one global society, united as the human family. I consider myself a world citizen first and foremost.

    Daniel Yepez
    Spiritual Entrepreneur Columnist
    resonance Guanacaste
    Helping transition your life to live anywhere
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