Nescafé Ground Coffee Celebrates its Seal of Origin as Authentic Costa Rican Coffee

Within the framework of the International Coffee Day celebration, Nestlé celebrates the Costa Rican Seal of Origin awarded to its new Nescafé Ground Coffee.

The seal of origin of “Café de Costa Rica” is granted by the Instituto Del Café de Costa Rica (ICAFE) exclusively to that product that can be guaranteed, through strict supervision and traceability controls, that it is made from 100% Costa Rican grains.

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In its latest report on the Coffee Activity of Costa Rica 2018-2019, ICAFE reported that there are more than 93 thousand hectares and more than 38 thousand producers dedicated to the cultivation of coffee in the country; However, around 83% of the national coffee production is placed in international markets, where the country enjoys great prestige for the quality of its bean.

“When starting with the development of the new Nescafé Ground Coffee, we were surprised that only approximately 16% of the national coffee production is for local consumption. In other words, more than 80% of the coffee consumed by Ticos is imported from other sister countries in the region,” said Sandra Jiménez, general manager of Nestlé Costa Rica.

This situation motivated the brand to work with coffee growers and national suppliers to offer Costa Ricans the possibility of enjoying a coffee made entirely in their country. This is how Nestlé recently presented in Costa Rica the first ground coffee from the Central American region, under its Nescafé brand.

For the development and commercialization of this product, the company announced an investment of more than $ 1.5 million in the country. The selection of the Nescafé Ground Coffee bean is carried out through local partners that indirectly impact the lives of more than 3,000 families, collaborating with coffee growers from 15 different micro-benefits. The product is marketed in the main supermarkets in three different roasting intensities: dark, medium, and light, to satisfy the tastes of each consumer.

On the occasion of International Coffee Day, you must get to know the golden bean of Costa Rica:

• 100% of the coffee grown in Costa Rica is of the Arabica species, specifically the Caturra and Catuaí species.

• There are eight coffee-producing areas: Brunca, Turrialba, Tres Ríos, Orosi, Tarrazú, the Central and Western valleys, and Guanacaste.

• The national grain is grown in soils of volcanic origin and low acidity.

• Each coffee region in Costa Rica signed an agreement in which the owners of the beneficiary companies are committed to receiving and processing only fruit in an optimal state of maturity, to guarantee an improved cup quality.

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