Increase in the Transaction Limit Via SINPE Móvil Goes Into Effect by the “Banco Nacional” of Costa Rica

    Previously the limit was ¢200 thousand per day

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    If you are one of the people who frequently uses the SINPE Móvil payment method, this information might interest you, since Banco Nacional has increased the sending limit for its customers.

    Up to ¢500,000 a day

    As reported now, the clients of this bank will be able to send up to ¢500,000 a day, in a transaction that currently does not charge a commission. With this, the previous limit of ¢200,000 per day will be forgotten for users of this form of payment as of this week.

    Said change was made since, according to the National Bank, there were requests from the clientele that asked to increase the maximum number of shipments allowed per day.

    Great growth of this transactional channel

    “We make this facility available to our clients, due to the great growth of this transactional channel. We also do it with the safety of our clients in mind, because they must update their daily limit in our BN Móvil or Online Banking application, thus giving acceptance of the service,” indicated the bank.

    It should be noted that SINPE Móvil has become one of the favorite payment methods for many Costa Ricans who use it more frequently every day, due to its simplicity to transfer money, in addition to the benefit that no commission is charged despite the fact that sending money to a number that is associated with a different bank.

    “We hope that all our customers can have a greater transaction rate available, through this mechanism that has been very successful in the country,” added the bank.

    Must update the sending limit information

    For its part, Banco Nacional remembers that customers must update the sending limit information, this by entering “Banco Nacional online banking” and in the “preferences” section update the limit that they had established.

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