Important Media Outlets Join Forces to Make Documentary

It Will Be About the Marine Protected Areas of Costa Rica

A very interesting investigative task has been carried out by the team of the well-known newspaper The Economist accompanied exclusively by The Costa Rica News.

The main purpose is to produce a documentary about “Isla del Coco” and the Marine Protected Areas (AMP) of the “Islas Galápagos”  and the ways in which they could be better eco-designed to protect the ocean against the direct damage of human beings, as well as the impact of the increasing climate change phenomena.

In this regard, a group of scientists will continue studying migratory species such as hammerhead sharks, tiger sharks, and sea turtles. Each of the specialists has been informed about all these species to better understand their ecological value.

All the wonderful team will listen to what the park rangers who day to day struggle to enforce AMP, as well as fishermen, workers in fish processing factories, and market vendors whose subsistence depends on these waters.

Impressive view of 2 beaches on Bartolomé Island, one of the Galápagos Islands

A documentary highlighting Costa Rica’s efforts in relation to sustainable fishing

Last week, The Economist and The Costa Rica News visited the AMP of “Puntarenas”, where they enjoyed the flapping of fish and sharks and exchanged ideas with relevant people involved in the project. All this will be shown through images and videos.


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