Humanizing Health Makes Us More Humane

    A personal reflextion by a health worker

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    “When you hear that health personnel are not humanized, do you think they have no humanity? Did you think? In fact, the Royal Spanish Academy defines “humanization” as the action and effect of humanizing, from this conjunction we determine that each individual is a human being, it is simple logic”.

    “But so much emphasis has been placed on humanized care, that the health field for years has referred to having quality care, that of course the most important capital in care is the human being”.

    “Health professionals who during their studies not only specialize in the scientific part of our body, they also study Bioethics and its branches. Why? to care for each being with the best human quality according to the principles and that tells the patient: everything will be fine, the art of caring is not in everybody, so tell me who is the person you would like to provide the best care?”

    “But due to lack of empathy that you do not give it, you are not there, that happens in the health environment, sometimes it is a lack of a resource, a tool, the infrastructure that does not allow progress for quality care”.

    Humanization of health services

    “The humanization of health services (it is not to say that it is doing it wrong), it is that the health professional needs these supplies, needs these tools, needs training according to the specific area, and so many things or events that surround the health sectors, which is not to find a culprit for the deficient care in some units, it is that each health institution has all the logistics for a humanized care with effectiveness / efficiency for diagnosis and care.”

    “Every time you think that they are not being treating humanely in the health sector, look at the staff, they are human like you, like me, because every professional has values in life who prefer to spend a day without eating to save and care for a patient.”

    Seeing both sides

    “The solution and improvement to reach humanized care is that the patient and family see the professional’s side, and if there is any failure, the health center is notified to improve the quality of work and that professionals have the tools and supplies necessary to fulfill their services.”

     “Helping, caring for, diagnosing, taking samples among thousands of functions that health personnel have is the art of humanization and they need to have their supplies and biosafety implements, to provide you with a satisfactory and quick recovery, and this would also generate less costs to the status and greater benefits to the population.”
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