How to Dress the Soul Up

"Tica" Ariana Fernández's New Book.

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How to Dress the Soul Up

“How to Dress the Soul Up” is a book written by the Costa Rican journalist and blogger of, Ariana Fernandez, where the author saw the need to give another fashion sense. An urgency to understand that the principle of fashion comes from the soul.

Ariana worked on the investigation of situations that mark people. Those obstacles that leave the naked soul are those that are counted in the book. In addition, she provides guidelines to start dressing from the soul so that they are happy with their appearance, their past, and their dreams.

“How to Dress the Soul Up” is a section of my website that I always wanted to expand with a book, so over a year ago I started giving it shape. I looked for people who shared their stories with me and reinforced that human side of fashion such as Glenda Umaña (journalist), Ángela Navarro (stylist recognized in Spain), Ligia Bobadilla (founder of Daniel Project), among other women.

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Ariana Fernández in France

“The book I started in Spain, however, another part I wrote in Florence, Italy. I looked for places where fashion inspired me, but at the same time, they had no explanation for my principle. Dressing the soul is the first thing that should teach us because nothing is going to look good if the soul is weakened, “Fernandez said about the creation of this material of personal development.

It is the first time that a material comes to collaborate with another perspective within the overwhelming industry of the fashion.

About Ariana

After working in written and television media she decided to create her own digital platform: From Spain, she collaborates for media in Europe and Latin America.

Ariana was always passionate about fashion, but her country fell short of specializing in this area. For this reason, she went to Madrid to further her studies with the Master of Communication and Fashion of the European Institute of Design.

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Ariana on Cover

Ariana’s vision of fashion goes further, for it has another meaning for her. From her personal experience and her studies, she has come to the conclusion that fashion comes from the soul. to enjoy fashion you have to feel good about the inner being and personal history; you have to know how to forgive yourself and strengthen yourself to be the model of the most important catwalk: the gateway of one’s life. That is what Ariana tells them in this first book.

Ariana also received a mention as an Exemplary Young Woman by the Vice Minister of Youth of Costa Rica.

SOURCECharito Villegas
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