How to Create Goals in 2022 and Achieve Them Effectively

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    With the arrival of every New Year, most people tend to set new resolutions. In order to achieve them, we must take into account several points. Among the most important ones, it is that each action must please us. In addition, they should be attainable goals that we enjoy by doing them. That is, we must not depend on third parties to be able to carry them out.

    Knowing that not all purposes are always fulfilled, will allow that in the end if we fail to fulfill any of them, we will not have to feel frustrated.

    Some steps to achieve those goals or New Year’s resolutions are:

    • Prepare a written list, with short, medium or long-term goals, in order of priority, remember that not everyone has the same time or requires the same effort to achieve them.

    • Build a plan with the necessary actions, which allow them to be executed, since having clear goals it is more likely that they can be met.

    • Create a schedule, in which you know you can do each task and do not allow yourself to replace it with other activities.

    • Place the final list in a strategic place, this will allow you to have it at hand to remember what you have to do and having the plan in sight, you will not have excuses to stop doing it.

    • Propose to meet schedules, allocate time well, you are the only person who can fulfill your purposes.

    • Be firm when doing them, do not allow laziness or daily activities to limit you.

    • Make your goals something you do day after day so that you will create a habit of this activity and soon it will be part of the daily routine.

    • Get out of your comfort zone, don’t allow yourself to procrastinate. The more you delay the process, the longer it will take to see positive results; do not make excuses, remember that if you want to see different results, you have to do different things.

    • Celebrate each progress made; this will motivate you to keep going.

    An example of this can be having a healthy body, what should we do to achieve it, following the steps mentioned above? I present the following plan of action:

    • Go for a walk 3 times a week.

    • Go to the gym twice a week, taking into account its location, so as not to spend a lot of time traveling.

    • Eat healthy, for this you can have the advice of a nutritionist, who makes the plan according to our needs.

    • Set alarms on the smartphone; this will help you not to miss the time to do the activities.

    Proposed schedule

    Monday, Wednesday and Friday, go for a 30-minute walk at 6 pm.

    Tuesday and Thursday, go to the gym from 6 to 7 pm.

    Do a list in a strategic place. Next to the bed, so when we get up, we will see the action plan and it will remind us that we have to execute it. From this point on, when you already have an action plan, what follows is to commit to fulfilling and enjoying each objective, in addition to celebrating each change that is noticed in the progress of each purpose.

    Important reminder: We must include our mental health as a resolution for the year. Let’s take care of our mental health, and this will help fulfill the other purposes. And we go to therapy because it is an act of self-love.

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