How to Attract What You Want In Your Life

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    The Universe always responds:

    1.“Ask and it will be given to you”, we have always been told, but nobody teaches us that the universe does not respond to the voice or the request, but rather responds to the internal energy with which you synchronize your request, if you ask from lack, need, negativism, low self-esteem, sadness, etc., obviously, nothing will happen, but if you understand that to attract abundance, the abundant must be yourself, then you will understand everything… we attract what we are.

    “Spiritual Well-Being”, Your Connection With The Superior Force Of Our Universe

    2. The mind creates reality, if your mind is saturated, anchored in the past, pain, pessimism, you will hardly be able to change your reality for good, the first thing to do to change from lack to abundance is to change the thought, seeing yourself infinite not limited, seeing yourself powerful not insecure, feeling that you deserve everything, not that you lack everything, if you change your thought it will not only change your life but also your reality.

    Cleaning your mind
    Cleaning your mind

    3. Know how to ask:

    Now, this is the central part. The secret of how to ask is simply to assume with the intention that what you have just asked for has already been fulfilled.

    Gratitude enters here more than needed, when you put gratitude, positivity, and love with a good dose of security, everything that you asked for then is already yours!!

    What you need to remember is that the reason why you may have the perception that you do not receive what you ask for is not that the law of attraction does not work, but rather that you may be creating a contradiction in your life. You can ask for more money, but you are not grateful for what you have at the moment, you can ask for something better but you do not value or enjoy what you have achieved so far, and so on with many examples from your daily life.

     Your true power is found in the certainty that is born from yourself. Don’t worry about anything and trust that everything you ask for is already yours. Ask for what you want and give thanks to the Universe for what you are trying to manifest. It is that blind faith and without a doubt that what you want is what will come, what will make a difference in your life.

    In a Universe of infinite abundance, there is nothing you can ask for that you don’t receive. Just align and connect with love and coherence to the universal energy that makes it possible for every request to be fulfilled.

    “Your wishes are orders”, exclaims the Universe. Just dare to think big, to feel big and so, you will live big!

    The choice is always yours.

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