Distributed Generation and Energy Storage with New Law in costa Rica

    This Law promotes economic reactivation in the electricity sector

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    For the Chamber of Distributed Generation, the approval in the second debate of bill 22.009, known as the “Law for the Promotion and Regulation of Distributed Energy Resources from Renewable Sources”, marks a relevant milestone in the country.

    Costa Rica had no reform in the energy sector for more than 10 years, and the law that has been approved today constitutes the beginning of the change towards a vision of the future for the Costa Rican electricity sector. This new stage responds – without a doubt – to the processes of Decarbonization, Decentralization and Digitalization of the electricity sector in the world, thanks to an objective, transparent, efficient regulation, and that focuses the consumer on the axis of regulatory design.

    Costa Rica takes firm steps in renewable energy

    We recognize the courageous work not only of the proposing Deputies; but rather from the different legislative fractions, business chambers, users, and other actors in the electricity sector that, with constructive dialogue, made possible a good text for everyone.

    William Villalobos, Executive Director of the Distributed Generation Chamber, highlighted that “only 2 months after this Chamber was born -in October 2019- we began the path of promoting a reform that would give legal certainty to the renewable industry. Today we are facing the first law of the Republic that surpasses the classic conception of the Public Service, giving way to the concept of the Economic Service of General Interest – consistent with the best administrative intervention techniques. But, in addition, in the face of a law centered on 4 axes: universal access, affordability, sustainability, legal certainty. “

    Certainly this law brings: i) clear rules, ii) regulatory independence, and a promotion of new technologies that are taking place as a result of the decentralization of energy networks worldwide. But the most relevant thing is that this law recognizes all Costa Ricans their unrestricted right to generate their own energy, a pillar on which energy democratization rests.

    “We can affirm -without any fear- that we will be first-line witnesses to the birth of a generation of better citizens, because the user of renewable energy has in their DNA greater environmental awareness and greater respect for our common home, and that, it will have been -as the Chamber- our greatest contribution to the country and the planet”, said Villalobos.

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