How to Afford a Trip to Costa Rica

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    Costa Rica is an absolutely gorgeous location. Located in Central America, just north of Panama, the nation has done booming business in tourism of late, with many vacationers flocking to its many resorts and natural beauty. While a trip to Costa Rica is not as expensive as some other vacations, it can still cost you thousands of dollars. As such, here are some ways to be able to afford your trip to Costa Rica

    Free Up Monthly Expenses

    Student loan debt is a massive drain on the economy, and very likely on your personal wallet. You should always be making sure that the amount of interest you are repaying is as minimal as possible. Every cent you waste in debt or interest repayment is money that cannot be used elsewhere. To that end, consider taking out a student loan refinance. This can allow you to potentially reduce the interest you’re paying and take years off repayments. In addition, you can find just by cutting out takeout multiple times per week, cancelling your gym membership, or cutting the cable cord can boost your bottom line by a few hundred dollars per month, allowing you to save for your trip in no time.

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    Examine Your Network for Discounts

    You would be surprised at how many deals and discounts may exist at your fingertips and will enable you to make your trip more affordable. You may have a credit card that allows you to amass rewards points and allows you to cash in those points for a steep discount. You may have an affinity group, like an alumni group or union membership, that gives you access to cheaper travel options. There are also always travel agents and websites that can give you great deals. Regardless, do your research. See what sort of options are available to you that can save you money. The bulk of travel expenses are related to travel, then lodging, so if your time is limited, keep your research limited to those two areas.

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    Customize the Trip to Meet Your Budget Needs

    Remember, for a trip to be possible, you have to afford it. Sure, it may be nice to stay in the country’s nicest hotels and enjoy the finest tour guides, but given your budgetary restraints, that may not be possible. To that end, keep a few things in mind. First, skip the tour guides. That’s not to say that you should go anywhere dangerous without a professional, but you may be able to find all the information you need in a book or on a website. Second, if need be, go during off-peak times. Some times of year are cheaper than others when it comes to vacationing in Costa Rica, and you should try and figure out when these times may be in order to fit your budget needs. Many have found July and August to be very inexpensive times to vacation to the country. Third, save where you can. Costa Rica’s water is safe in its cities and urban centers, so you don’t need to waste money on expensive bottled water – instead, bring a plastic mug and go from there.

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