Hidden Passageway Was Found in the San Lucas Island Penitentiary Center

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    A hidden passageway, which was found in the cell complex of the Isla San Lucas National Park penitentiary, gives new clues about the inhuman treatment received by the prisoners who were on the “island of men alone”.

    It is about a corridor that was hidden on the ground floor of one of the cells of the penitentiary center, which was behind a concrete that fell during the restoration and reinforcement work carried out by the Costa Rican Institute of Pacific Ports (Incop) .

    “At the time of cleaning, just behind those concrete walls, there were steps that went up to the main patio of the cells”, explained the representative of IngenieríaAmérica, Rodolfo Salas. This passageway would have functioned as an underground route to the fearsome disc that functioned as a torture cell where prisoners were put in for up to 21 days.

    According to the renowned author José León Sánchez, who wrote the document called “The Island of Lonely Men”, “the place known as the disk was built to capture the water from the canoes, but the idea failed and they began to use it as a punishment dungeon, but things changed with the Social Defense Law, which eliminated all forms of punishment in the San Lucas prison”. When consulting him about the discovery, he assured that he never knew of its existence.

    Now, the authorities see the discovery as a “historic event” for Puntarenas, since it could boost the increase in tourists interested in learning more about the old penal center.

    “If its route is possible, this passageway could eventually become the greatest tourist attraction in this National Park since by its nature it could offer a more immersive experience to its visitors”, said the executive president of Incop, Juan Ramón Rivera.
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