Costa Rican Ministry of Education Will Require All Its Staff to Be Vaccinated for the Following School Year

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    No teacher or member of the administrative staff will be able to work with the Costa Rican Ministry of Public Education (MEP)as of February 17th of next year if they are not vaccinated with the full scheme against Covid-19.

    Through the respective directors and headquarters, the verification will be carried out by requesting the presentation of the QR Code, the vaccination card, the EDUS application or the exception medical certificate. Those with a medical condition that reject the vaccine will be the only ones who will be able to avoid this direct order.

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    Also those people hired by the Boards of Education or whoever wants to have access to the educational center, as contract workers, must present proof of vaccination.In addition, if the parents or guardians of the students wish to enter the educational center, they must also report their complete vaccination.

    Responsible public educational system

    “The public educational system is responsible for the safety of more than one million children and adolescents; but also as an employer, it has the responsibility of looking after the health of thousands of people linked to educational services by work”, stated the current minister of the MEP, Steven González.

    To present their accreditation of having been vaccinated, the teacher will have until February 25th. Then they will have a period of “sensitization” to finally make the respective report.

    If someone from the staff “maintains their reluctance to be vaccinated without due medical justification, the immediate leadership will have a period of five working days to send, in a certified way, to the Disciplinary Management Department, the individualized report of the actions established in this circular and the lack of compliance of the civil servant”, informed the MEP.

    According to the guidelines established by the MEP, “said information (on the status of teachers’ vaccination) will be protected by the Management Informatics Directorate and will be used only by the Disciplinary Management Department of the Human Resources Directorate, to verify the status of the person would function as vaccinated or not vaccinated in administrative or judicial procedures. The Human Resources Department will also be able to access this information in order to authorize appointments, promotions or extensions”.

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