Group of Experts Proposes Construction of Tunnels to Finish Dams in San Pedro, La Galera, and Curridabat

    Engineers Ask the Government to Use the Subsoil for the Execution of Roadworks

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    The construction of tunnels could represent the solution to the dams in strategic points of the Great Metropolitan Area (GAM). At least, this is what the experts of the Costa Rican Association of Underground Works (Acros) propose.

    Underpasses allow progress in the works without causing more congestion and also do not require expropriation. The president of Acros, Marlon Jiménez, told that there are at least 3 points where the viability of a tunnel has already been analyzed as a solution to the dams: in La Galera, San Pedro, and Curridabat.

    “The idea is to promote the ordering of the underground space that is an asset that the Costa Rican State has, but that it is not using and this could be the solution to the traffic congestion we are currently experiencing”, said the engineer.

    The first work analyzed that would have underground viability is the construction of a tunnel in the exchange of La Galera, which would improve the traffic between the roads to Tres Ríos and the Florencio del Castillo.

    tunnel entrances

    Another similar one would improve the circulation in the sector of the traffic circle of La Hispanidad source, which would give fluid passage to those traveling in the San Pedro-San José direction and vice versa.

    Finally, it is proposed to resume the construction of a tunnel that connects Curridabat, at the end of La Florencio del Castillo, with the traffic circle of the Social Guarantees, a project that has no progress, although it has been announced for years.

    “With the underpasses it would be possible to speed up the transit and reduce the times in the road journeys, we already presented our proposal to Minister Rodolfo Méndez and we believe that there is an opening in taking into account this option for the execution of road works”, mentioned the engineer.

    Currently, members of Acros maintain an analysis work to identify other sites where tunnels can be built as a solution to the dams. For them, this option should be considered in light of the accelerated growth of the vehicle fleet.

    “We also think that this type of works should not be thought only for roads, we also have to think about public transport solutions, such as the construction of a subway,” he said. The experts who promote the construction of underground works maintained a call on Thursday and Friday to analyze progress in the proposals and the challenges to achieve the construction of tunnels as a solution to the dams.

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