Unusual Behavior of Tectonic Plates in Central America Is Warned by Experts

Specialists Analyze the Probability of Earthquakes or Tsunamis in the Region

In Central America, it is normal to feel earthquakes. However, on March 26th, 2019, there were some telluric movements that caught the attention of geologists.

The Geography Group Nicaragua warned, through José María Salmerón, that these earthquakes did not happen with such frequent frequency and that they are occurring in an area where tsunamis can be caused.

Map of Central American tectonic plates

“In the area where these earthquakes are occurring, it usually always happens, but not as frequently, it is striking because it is an area where tsunamis can occur”, Salmerón told EFE agency.

This group, which is composed of various professionals who study various branches of nature, noted that in the month of March in the region there were more than 12 earthquakes over 4 on the Richter scale. Also, last Tuesday there were more than 7 earthquakes with ranges between 4 and 5.3 in the same scale.

The earthquakes were in Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Panama. The depth of them was not greater than 30 kilometers, and coincided in the subduction zone of the Cocos and Caribbean plates. Since Geography Nicaragua recommended to remain calm, since to predict an event such as an earthquake or a tsunami is difficult, but if they asked to have food and emergency water, know the safe areas of your home and in a situation like these follow the indications of the authorities.

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