Government to Invest US$ 1.3 Million on Costa Rica’s First Linear Park

Funds Were Included into the Mivah’s 2020 Budget

President Carlos Alvarado, announced the inclusion of US$ 1.3 million in the budget of the Ministry of Housing and Human Settlements (Mivah) 2020 for the construction of a linear park that will border the Pacacua River in the Colón district, belonging to Mora canton.

The funds will be transferred by the Mivah to the Municipality of Mora for the execution of the first park of this type in Costa Rica. The initiative promotes the incorporation of the river to the enjoyment of people and social integration, linking this space with the pedestrianization plan that drives the city hall of Mora.

The proposal for Budget 2020 incorporates the item for US$ 1.3 million for the “Participatory Communal Project in the District of Colon, El Cristóbal Natural Park and Recreation Park – Río Pacacua”, with the objective of converting natural public spaces that promote conservation, restoration, and rehabilitation of biodiversity”.

The park will be an ideal place for pedestrians and environmental awareness activities

President Alvarado highlighted the visionary work developed by Mayor Gilberto Monge in the recovery of public spaces for the welfare of the population. He mentioned, among others, the Artisan Center, the transformation of the old market, and the construction of the boulevard and the innovative park in Ciudad Colón downtown.

Monge commented that, from the experience of Seoul and Medellín, since 2017 he works on this plan, with the idea of ​​transforming the way some rivers have been treated in Costa Rica, by incorporating them into the landscape and modifying them for the enjoyment of people.

The linear park will border the Pacacua River along with municipal lands going from the entrance bridge to Ciudad Colón, passes through several urbanizations, and connects to the street that leads the clinic and to which it communicates with the future Professional Technical College, which will be also built in the industrial zone of Mora.

“It has the virtue of being a place promoting social integration in Ciudad Colón, as part of the city’s pedestrianization project, which includes the construction of sidewalks and arborization”, Monge said. The design includes the creation of bridges, passages with permeable materials, docks, and viewpoints so that the neighbors can have direct contact with the river, as well as having recreational areas.