5 Secret Beaches You Should Visit In Costa Rica

    Dare and escape to your own private paradise

    Costa Rica is known worldwide for having spectacular beaches and being a tropical paradise. However, there are secret corners with exceptional beaches that you will surely want to know. Discover in this article five of them.

    Ventanas Beach.

    This beautiful beach is hidden on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica in Bahia Ballena, specifically about 30 kilometers from dominical beach. It is short and quiet and its most emblematic feature is the way how the rocks have acquired the form of a window, hence its name. It also has a beautiful cave, located at the beginning of the beach, which you can explore in the low tide. This beach is surrounded by exotic vegetation giving you an excellent tropical landscape.

    Activities recommend on this beach are fishing, camping, hiking on the rocks, swimming in the sea, surfing, diving, bird and wildlife watching. In addition, it is ideal for scientific tourism, photography, and observation. To get there you have to go through a stone road that follows along a small river which can be done in most types of vehicles.

    Guiones Beach.

    This impressive beach is characterized by being an excellent place for diving that is thanks to its crystal clear waters that lets you enjoy the view of its beautiful fish and corals. It is important to know that this beach has the recognition of the Ecological Blue Flag, which is granted to friendly spaces with the environment around the world.

    To get to this beach, you must reach Nicoya, and turn towards Samara and Nosara. When you reach Sámara, turn left towards Nosara and drive approximately 24 kilometers, then go through Barco Quebrado and Garza beaches to finally reach it.

    Its landscapes and the natural environment that surrounds it are an excellent complement; here you can meet people from many parts of the world who are seduced by the charms of this heavenly place.

    Mona Beach.

    It is characterized by being the perfect combination of evergreen forests with the coastal landscape, which undoubtedly gives it a unique beauty that deserves to be contemplated. In its vicinity, there is a small island with exotic vegetation, which is worth photographing.

    This beach is located specifically in the Talamanca sector, in the province of Limón.  And the activities we recommend you to do are: Bird watching, photography, diving among its reefs and walking along the coast, of course swimming in its warm waters is a must.

    To reach this beach you must take a walk of about 5 kilometers between Manzanillo and Punta Mona, we guarantee that it will be worth the effort.

    Cedros Beach.

    This beautiful beach is located south of Montezuma, halfway to Cabuya and if you want to get out of the routine and visit a quiet little natural place, Cedars beach is your ideal choice. On this beach you can enjoy the shade of almond trees and rest peacefully in the sand, relaxing to the sound of the sea. Entertainment options offered by this site are surfing, horseback riding, going sport fishing, diving, bird watching or even organizing a family picnic.

    Esterillos Beach.

    The first thing you should know about this site is that it is located just two hours from San José, the capital of Costa Rica and close to the city of Jaco. Esterillos is an extensive beach of 7 km in length with gray sand, ideal for a stroll if you are lucky you can see monkeys, iguanas and even red macaws flying in the surroundings. We recommend you appreciate the sunset when the tide is low because you can enjoy the sky reflected in the sand, which is certainly a visual spectacle. As for the recreational activities you can do on this beach, some are: surfing, snorkeling, diving, swimming, trekking, horseback riding, camping, and the list can go on and on.

    It is worth mentioning that in all these beaches that we have mentioned above there are a variety of tourist accommodations for making your stay the most pleasant possible. So don’t think about it anymore and visit Costa Rica, here we wait for you with open arms!

    SOURCEArgelis Desiree Torrealba
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