With the objective of facilitating urban cycling and so that the users of the bike path have a safe place for their means of transport, the Municipality of San José installed 160 bike-parking spaces with capacity for 440 bicycles in 49 canton sites such as parks, squares, boulevards as well as in various buildings, investing in it a total of ¢ 14 million 500 thousand.

To define the spaces where bicycle parking lots were placed, several factors were taken into account: linkage with the route to sites of interest, connectivity, commercial attractiveness, flows of people, interference, availability with the space of the sidewalks, obstructions in the pedestrian path, sidewalk dimensions, visibility, security and surveillance, lighting, shadows, and roofing.

One of the new bike-parking lots installed in the UCR outdoor areas

Daniel Jaikel, Sub Manager of Service Provision said on this issue that the Municipality is committed to inter-modality to facilitate transportation, using an alternative method and, in that sense, the bicycle is the one that at this time resolves in a friendly-way with the environment.

Parallel to the cycle-parking facility, the Capital City Council invested, during 2018, an amount of ¢ 22 million for the improvement of the bike path, the placement of traffic signs and the timely demarcation of a few sites that had already been bumpy

In this way, the Municipality of San José joins the trend to open new mobility options, just as other municipalities do in the large cities of the world.

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