Six Reasons Why Online Programs are the Future of Education

The digital world has led to a number of innovations for businesses all across the globe, and education is just one of the business areas that has been significantly affected by technology and continues to be positively impacted on a daily basis. Today, it’s becoming more apparent that traditional educational institutions are more likely to struggle with the current curriculum for degrees and training programs, with roughly half of the subject knowledge acquired by students during the first year likely to be outdated by the time of graduation in many subjects, particularly those concerning technology. Not only does this create additional challenges for students when it comes to getting on the career ladder, but it also raises further questions about whether traditional, four-year degree programs are going to survive.

In the future, will having a degree even matter? According to Harvard business school professor Clayton Christensen, half of all traditional colleges are unlikely to even exist in ten years’ time due to the increase of online study. Therefore, it’s becoming clearer to many that the future of education lies in institutions embracing the idea of online learning and online programs. Here are some reasons to support online education as the future of learning.

#1. Online Learning is Available at All Levels:

When most people think of online learning, the image of a part-time, mature student who has chosen to get their degree online rather than attend a traditional brick college comes to mind. And, whilst undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs are still some of the most popular online programs enrolled on today, they’re much more available. In fact, online learning can now begin at the preschool level, right through to graduate school. Online learning has replaced many home-schooling systems and is often used by parents to help their children supplement and improve their learning with resources that they can use for revision and catching up outside of their regular school times.

#2. There’s Far More Flexibility:

One of the main reasons that online learning has grown so rapidly in popularity is the sheer amount of flexibility that it brings to the table for students. Thanks to online options, students no longer need to put their lives or careers on hold whilst they study towards earning their degree or any other qualification they have chosen to aim for. When you start online lessons, you can learn from wherever you are and at times that suit you best, whether this is dedicating the majority of your day to learning in a library or fitting in studying from home around your full-time job. This means that it’s a system that works incredibly well for those who may have struggled to earn a qualification otherwise, such as committed parents who would not otherwise be able to juggle childcare with work and school or students who work regular 9-5 office hours.

#3. Tutor Support is On Hand:

Many potential students have been put off by the idea of online learning, believing that they will have a better chance of getting tutor support and one-to-one sessions when studying in person. In most cases, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Online learning is not completely self-study, as many online systems come complete with a live tutor or lecturer, allowing students to learn difficult subjects with the guidance and support that they would expect from a traditional program. Today’s advanced internet technologies have made it easier than ever to create virtual classrooms, where students and teachers can communicate easily with one another via web chats, VOIP calls and even video conference calling. And, both teachers and students can easily use the system from anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection.

#4. More Students Can Be Enrolled:

Due to the nature of online learning, there’s less of a need to worry about the program being full up if you are hoping to apply at the last minute. In fact, some online programs actually take on an unlimited number of students. Although tutors and lecturers may still need to incorporate live lessons into the program, the fact that most lessons online are automated, allowing students to self-learn using their computer, means that there doesn’t need to be an upper enrolment limit on the majority of courses and modules. Teachers will still be on hand when needed, but their direct teaching and lecturing workload can be significantly reduced compared to that of a traditional university professor, allowing time for creating lesson plans and marking assignments for a much larger number of students.

#5. It’s Often Cheaper to Study Online:

The price of online education will vary depending on the subject that you are studying, the online institution that you are attending, and various other factors. However, most students do find that the cost of gaining an online degree is much cheaper than the alternative. Some online degree programs will charge less in terms of tuition fees as standard, and compared to studying at a traditional college, many students find that the associated costs are far lower. For example, the need to commute is eliminated, and for international students, there are no travel or visa costs to consider. Many online students choose to continue living in their family home whilst they study, avoiding the need to pay for student accommodation.

#6. There’s a Vast Amount of Online Learning Resources:

Finally, in addition to the course materials for the program that you are studying online, there is a huge amount of online learning resources available to all students. E-books, journals, studies, and much more can be searched for at your fingertips to help supplement your learning and provide you with the information that you need to succeed with your online degree. Additionally, those looking to prepare for an online program or learn more before deciding whether or not to enroll can find a wide range of free online courses that can help improve their knowledge before embarking on a degree program or supplement their current online learning.

If you’re considering improving your academic achievements, studying online is the way forward!

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