Good News for Limón: The 2023-2024 Cruise Season Began this Past  Wednesday

    Limón will have dates where they will receive two to three cruises on the same day

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    Despite the uncertainty that exists in the province of Limón due to the issue of violence, the good news is also being heard in the Caribbean of the country.This past Wednesday, August 11, the first cruise of the 2023-2024 season arrived in Limón, which represents the beginning of a season that undoubtedly makes the inhabitants of the Caribbean province very happy, since the economy moves a lot with the tourists who get off the boats. This cruise season will extend until August of next year and it has been confirmed that during that period Limón will receive around 103 cruise ships.

    Busy season

     “Like the previous season, there will be dates where the Limón dock will receive 3 cruises on the same day, giving economic reactivation to Puerto Limón and all the cantons that have been preparing for months to receive the excursionists,” detailed the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism (ICT).

    It was indicated that in the months of December, January, February and March, two cruises will be received on the same date at said terminal. “We are ready to receive cruise passengers this season and are making progress in seeking the transition to the Construction Project of the Limón Marina and Cruise Terminal in Puerto Limón, we are committed to achieving a new reality for the country and are working hard to achieve it,” commented Sucy Wing, CEO of Japdeva.

    MS Zaandam

     As for the cruise ship that arrived this Wednesday, October 11, it is named MS Zaandam, inspired by the city in the Netherlands of the same name. “The arrival of the Zaandam cruise ship of the Holland America line with 962 passengers, mainly from Canada and the United States, marks the beginning of a season in which the visit of 103 vessels is projected”

     “It is estimated that more than 30 expedition and luxury ships will visit the Costa Rican Caribbean this season, which reaffirms the interest of this line in this segment, due to the natural attractions, culture and sustainable tourism activities that are offered so by the Caribbean and Costa Rica as a whole, generating economic benefits and the flow of the tourist dollar in various chains,” said Gustavo Alvarado, director of Tourism Management at the ICT.

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