Fruits and Vegetables set consumption trends during the Pandemic in Costa Rica

    Citizens prioritize health when choosing their foods

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    The study “Marketing trend of fruits and vegetables in time of COVID-19” indicates that consumers orient their purchases of fruits and vegetables according to four trends: safety, sustainability approach, consumption of local products and consumption of food that reinforce performance mental and immune system.

    “This study shows us the new guidelines that international markets are dictating regarding the preference for fresh products, and, therefore, it is a light that shows us the path we must follow if we want not only to maintain the positioning of the sector, but to expand their export markets,” said Procomer (Costa Rica’s National Export Promoter) CEO Pedro Beirute.

    According to the authorities, despite the crisis caused by the Pandemic, the world’s agri-food sector has been resilient and its exports have grown by 5% in the first half of 2020 compared to the same period of 2019. During that period, exports of those products from Costa Rica also grew by 2%.

    Change of habits

    The report determined that consumers are changing their shopping habits, now they have a greater concern for the safety and traceability of their food, which is why they demand safety. In addition, they are oriented towards fresh products based on a low environmental impact, for example, a lower carbon footprint or adopting behaviors such as reducing waste and consumption of plant-based foods.

    In the case of the purchase of local products, it has to do with the contraction of the world economy and the alteration of supply chains. While the consumption of foods that support mental performance and strengthening the immune system is based on the recommendations of health authorities.

    For example, the use of products that optimize mental performance through adaptogenic ingredients (natural substances to reduce stress), nootropics (substances that improve cognitive capacity) and those that improve the response of the immune system (such as blackberry and turmeric).

    Following safety protocols

    “It is important that national companies follow the safety and innocuousness recommendations of the health authorities, have a logistical contingency plan, and not be afraid of digitization. If we follow these recommendations, the process of reorienting the business to the new requirements of the global consumer will be easier,” said Beirute.

    Procomer explained that in the face of these aforementioned trends, business models have been consolidated such as direct sales to the consumer through digital platforms and home deliveries, the customization of food packages for specific diets, as well as sales that reduce contact in means of payment and visits to establishments.

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