Faithfuls organize to prevent the Pandemic from curbing the Catholic tradition at Alajuelita

    Creating alternatives for continuing the religious processions

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    Alajuelita was organized to carry out the pilgrimage from the Metropolitan Cathedral in San José to the National Sanctuary of Alajuelita with the image of Santo Cristo de Esquipulas. This Josefino town has a tradition of taking the pilgrimage on foot but, this time due to the Pandemic, they decided to do it in caravan vehicles to prevent the activity from not taking place.

    With balloons and flags distinctive to the Santo Cristo de Esquipulas, the community received its patron this past Saturday. Throughout the tour, they were accompanied by the Archbishop of San José, Monsignor José Rafael Quirós and the rector of the Sanctuary of Santo Cristo, priest Enrique Rivero.

    Vaccinate the heart

    Rivero took the opportunity to make a call to those who need to “vaccinate their hearts” after a difficult year worldwide. “We are celebrating in Alajuelita, because we know of the enormous blessings and favors that Santo Cristo de Esquipulas grants,” he said.

    “Especially at this time when we need to vaccinate our hearts, fill us with faith and hope that together with the hand of Our Lord Jesus Christ we will move forward,” added the priest. He also highlighted “the Lord as the patron of our people.” Alajuelita now prepares for the “Procession of Petitions” through a caravan with the image of the Holy Pilgrim.

    In the parish they indicated that the petitions can be registerd at the Parish Office before January 14th. There they must write down their name to place the petition in a basket that will be transported in the caravan to be held on the 14th of this month. As of January 18th, blessed petitions will be available at the Parish Office.

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