Foreign Ministry and Embassies of Costa Rica Receive Ecological Blue Flag

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    The Ecological Blue Flag Program the efforts of institutions and companies that carry out actions to minimize the environmental damage caused by some daily behaviors. Its diplomatic eco category is intended to encourage the formation of local committees, whose members are diplomatic representatives in embassies and consulates.

    This past Tuesday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship, the Embassies of Costa Rica in El Salvador, Jamaica, Keny Panama and Toronto, Canada, received the ecological blue flag in the diplomatic eco category. “For the institutional authorities it is very interest Civil, we encourage ourselves to use more sustainable and friendly products with the environment”, said Foreign Minister Arnoldo André.

    According to the Ministry, since 2012, with the formation of the Institutional Environmental Commission and the creation of the Diplomatic Eco category in 2015, the institution promised to carry out actions that preserve natural resources.

    In the last 4 years, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship received the recognition of “Environmental Excellence”, which means a qualification equal to or greater than 92.5% in the “PGAI implementation traffic light”, within the green category.

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