For The First Time A Trans Woman Will Be President Of The University of Costa Rica Student Federation

    Provisions results give 41.56% of the votes cast

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    For the first time in history, a trans woman will chair the board of the Federation of Students of the University of Costa Rica (FEUCR).This is the Sociology student AlhanaChavarría Montero, from the Alternative Party, who, according to the provisional results of the University Student Electoral Tribunal (TEEU), obtained 41.56 percent, surpassing the other candidates: Karina FallasFallas from the U Party (24.4 percent) and Ana José CorellaChing from the Integra Party (30.78 percent).These processrequires a final review and will be official in the coming days, however, the results on the winner are clear.

    The elections of the new university leaders were held virtually this past Thursday, November 25 and Friday, November 26, and for the presidency of the board of directors 7,068 votes were received, representing a participation of 16.22 percent.

    After knowing the results, Alhana wrote on her twitter account thanking the support received and stating that with her election history was made.During the debate on the nominations, which took place on November 17th, Alhana described herself as someone who “firmly believes in the fight and defense for human rights as a path towards creating decent opportunities for all people and in the construction of a transparent Federation, combative of social inequities and willing to build agendas in which the needs of the student community are prioritized”.

    She added that her intention to chair the FEUCR is to strengthen it and be critical and inclusive highlighting that with this result not only she becomes the first trans woman to preside over the University Federation, but also the first in Central America and the second in Latin America.

    A historic election

    “It is quite a historic election because this does not come from now, but we must recognize all the work that the trans community has done over the years in recognizing their rights and asserting their struggle and bringing that voice that says that we are within of a patriarchal, macho state where heteronormativity reigns, that many times prevents us from being able to exercise in a space like these, so for me it is all a historical fact and it makes me very proud.I clearly carry a banner of struggle for the improvement and strengthening of human rights, both inside and outside the university,” said Alhana.

    The proposal that the new president of the FEUCR wants to carry out in the 2022 period is called Trans-form and aims to apply a total change in the Federation and the entire university. Projects such as placing pronouns or gender identity on university cards and the creation of protocols for the care of diverse and trans people within student residences are included.

    Alhana is 22 years old and ensures that, despite some violent and sexist comments she received during the campaign for her identity, what stands out the most about the process is the result and that she did receive the support and backing of most of the student community .

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