Facebook Opens Registration to its “Horizon Virtual Reality World”

    The company will record everything that happens on the platform as a security measure. In this way, they will be able to review the content in case a user reports a problem

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    Facebook opened registrations to test the beta version of its virtual reality world called Facebook Horizon” and the company announced that, as a security measure, it will record everything that happens on the platform.

    The company introduced Facebook Horizon in 2019, where users have their own avatar and can meet other people immersed in the game, and it is now available on Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift in its beta version.

    Facebook detailed the security measures implemented in Facebook Horizon and, among other things, the company will record and buffer everything that happens to avatars and review the content in case a user reports a problem. In this sense, when users send a report, they can include captured information of what happened as evidence, according to the company in an explanatory video.

    “Your Oculus glasses will capture the last minutes of your Horizon experience through a continuous buffer that is processed locally on the device and overwrites over time,” the video states.

    Likewise, the company affirms that the data captured in the buffer is not stored on its servers “unless a report is sent”, although it will be able to store other data about the experience of users in Horizon in accordance with the complementary data policy of the beta of Facebook Horizon”.

    In the event of harassment or problematic behavior, users are provided with a wrist tool that includes a safety button. By pressing it, users enter a “safe zone”, where they can block, silence or report problems with other users. In this sense, if users report a problem, a specialist “could remotely observe and record the situation to ensure your safety.”

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