Exposure to Sun: Benefits of Beaches for Your Health

    Additionally, What to Do in Case of Sunburn

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    Our country is a place with a lot of beaches, in which Naranjo and Santa Teresa beaches stand out. These are some of the best beaches that are, also, the most visited by tourists. Here, in Costa Rica, you can find a wide variety of beaches where to spend the summer season.

    However, always take into account that keeping them clean is essential for health, in order to have a good experience in the “Tico” country. Besides, when not placing waste in them, not only will benefit your health but those of the other people who visit them.

    Benefits of beaches for your health

    They improve our joints and improve proprioception of the feet, knee, and hip. Also, they allow cooling the body, serves for muscle relaxation, move knees and legs with a lower load, by making the cartilage nutrition stronger. They allow relaxation of the nervous system, reactive the circulation of tissues, and also help in the fixation of calcium in the process of osteoporosis. Their salty taste, due to the high concentration of mineral salts that are dissolved, are rich in chlorides, sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, iodine, among others.

    This mineral wealth provides different effects on the organism. Its antioxidant effect that goes against the aging of the skin is ideal to preserve overall health. Additionally, it has an anti-allergic action on the skin. It reactivates venous return, makes a good emphatic drainage, remarkable improvements in heart rate, muscle function, and has an impact on metabolism, helping for physical recovery.

    In some cases, beaches present some disadvantage for the health since, in women, they can cause vaginal infection to them. To avoid that, it is recommended to change the swimsuit after its use and improving the hygiene of that zone.

    Also, if you do not take the necessary precautions you will be exposed to different infections such as those caused by Escherichia coli. Their main symptoms are severe diarrhea and, in some cases, hemorrhages. Although it has never been detected in Costa Rica, it is recommendable to take precautions.

    In the case of swimmer’s otitis, it is a disease in the outer part of the ear and is caused by the water that remains inside after the person leaves the water, also adding that water is ideal place for the birth of bacteria. These microorganisms can already be present the beaches that do not have their respective maintenance. And finally, staying with the wet swimsuit for too long causes 50% percent of this wide range of infections.

    Parasites are also present on the beaches since they penetrate people’s body when walking barefoot. Among their remarkable effects, it is the inflammation in feet. These parasites may be found on any beach that has not been cleaned previously.

    Walking barefoot on the wet sand is very pleasant but, at the same time, risky

    What to do in case of sunburn

    First of all, not try to alleviate the pain with water, since it is only going to get worse due to the lime that the water has. What we should do is to soak a cotton tipper with any type of lotion (without alcohol), and apply it in the sunburn area.

    Another way, it is to apply cold yogurt. This will eliminate the pain quickly and effectively, in the following days you should take into account that exposing the skin to the sun will not allow the treatment to make its effect correctly, in the event that the sunburn occurs.

    Actually, sunburns are very serious. You should go to a dermatologist so that he can be in charge of providing some type of treatment that is appropriate, depending on the sunburn’s severity.

    An additional precaution, it is to keep your skin hydrated as the salt of the sea restores the skin causing damage almost the same as the cold. You should also protect the skin since the sun ends with the serbas on the skin. Before sleeping, you should apply some moisturizing cream on the skin and you will have regeneration on it.

    It should be noted that foods rich in antioxidants that have vitamin E, lycopene, beta carotene, polyphenol will protect the skin when exposed to the sun. It is also important to protect the eyes, as they are also the first to be affected by sunlight, causing a reddish color and symptoms of itching. So it is recommended to people to wear glasses which, thanks to some studies, are indicated for their protection.

    Use high sun protection factors (SPF) because any type of cream will not protect your skin since everything will depend on the temperature of that beach. At the end of the day, you will always need an extra dose of hydration.

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