Exchange Students Return to the Campus of ULACIT

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    A group of ten young Germans are the first foreign students to return to the ULACIT (Universidad Latinoamericana de Ciencia y Tecnología) campus after the COVID-19 pandemic prevented the execution of international agreements.

    ULACIT has agreements with more than 60 universities located in the United States and Europe, which allow both ULACIT students to take exchange courses in those countries, as well as university students from residents of those countries to study in Costa Rica.

    However, the impacts of COVID-19 in our country and the rest of the world caused this program to be suspended in 2020.

    video was produced by Arthur Kirchhof, German exchange student of this second quarter about his experience in Costa Rica.

    But in the second quarter of 2021, ULACIT reactivated its international exchange program with the arrival of German university students. During this quarter, they have virtually taken courses of the 100% English courses offered by ULACIT: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Bilingual Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations.

    The young people began their classes in May of this year thanks to an agreement with Beyond Abroad, an organization based in Finland that brings together the best universities in the world to provide valuable universities in the world to provide a valuable international experience. “ULACIT, recognized by the QS Latin America University Rankings as the best private university in the country, has the level so that international students can receive an education that meets international academic standards through modern and dynamic methods,” said Luis Felipe Dobles, ULACIT’s Vice Rector for Global Affairs.

    Adrián Grathwohl-Karl, one of the exchange students, explains that he chose Costa Rica to expand his professional development because he was looking for peace of mind in the face of the pandemic, adventure and to expand his knowledge with outstanding professionals. “The Covid measures taken in Germany are quite rigid. I was looking for a country that offered as much freedom as possible at the present time, but always with pandemic safety protocols. I was also enthusiastic about the landscapes, the oceans and, of course, the people. Ever since I learned that Costa Ricans are some of the happiest people in the world, I have always wanted to live in Costa Rica, I always wanted to experience why that is so.”

    The courses taken by the exchange students were virtual, which allowed them to attend classes together with the Costa Rican people. This allowed them to attend classes together with Costa Rican students, share our culture and learn under a culture and learn under a new study methodology based on solving and arguing real cases solving and arguing real cases.

    “I like the different teaching style from my home university in Germany. The project-based methodology and weekly assignments make me learn much more and I can retain more knowledge in my mind. I can retain more knowledge in my mind. I also like that the courses are English, so I can improve my English,” says Marcel Pascal Kobinski, who aspires to become an Kobinski, who aspires to work in an international company.

    This group has additionally taken advantage of their stay to go sightseeing, enjoy the beaches and enjoy our diverse microclimates in the different areas of the country.

    “Our exchange program makes us an attractive destination for international students looking for a study abroad experience in Costa Rica, we continue to receive students safely despite the pandemic, for the third quarter, which will begin on September 14, we will receive students from Sweden, France, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Lesotho and the U.S.,” added Dobles.

    ULACIT offers more than 60 undergraduate and undergraduate degrees, and nearly 30 graduate programs. It has five faculties and 15 schools that cover a range of study areas. It has extension programs, internships, virtual job fairs and unique careers in the country, such as Marketing and digital media, Biomedical Engineering, Business Intelligence and Information Management.
    The University stands out for offering a novel teaching method, based on solving problems, designing products or arguing points of view, instead of memorizing and taking tests, and for ensuring that all its students upon graduation master the English language.
    For ten consecutive years, ULACIT has been classified as the best private university in the country by the QS Latin America University Rankings in London, and named the preferred one by employers, as well as the higher education center with the highest proportion of its faculty with degrees. doctoral.

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