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    The Mr. Gay World contest is a platform that seeks to establish ambassadors for LGBTI human rights; In favor of these being world spokespersons for this cause

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    To start getting into context; with the raison d’être of this competition (Mr. Gay World) and the strength that it has been taking in various countries of the world, it is important to go back to the discrimination that has existed for millennia against people from the LGBTI community, and the fight of these to achieve a world more impregnated with equality.

    Even today some of the contestants have been reprimanded for openly declaring their homosexuality and wanting to participate in said event, as happened some time ago with Robel Hailu from Ethiopia.

    A look from the perspective of a multicultural man

    On this occasion and on the eve of the different elections of Mr. Gay World in each country, the reporter team of The Costa Rica News had the opportunity to talk with Kresley Morales who is currently competing as representative of Massachusetts for the next election of Mr Gay World USA.

    Morales is a man with a great sense of sensitivity, he was born and lived in Venezuela for a large part of his life and from there he learned to value every detail and above all, as Morales himself says, what it costs to get ahead and be able to succeed outside of his own geographical borders. Currently residing in the United States, he hopes to obtain the title for which he competes on November 14th in the city of Fort Lauderdale in Florida.

    With a degree in Social Work, Kresley has always decided to lend a hand to those who need it most; This has led him to collaborate with various non-governmental organizations. Work that he has developed both in Venezuela and in the United States. Its purpose is to successfully complete the creation of its non-profit foundation to help the LGBTI community in Massachusetts.

    A dream with a purpose

    A dream that Kresley Morales has always pursued is to be able to lend a hand to those who need it most. This work moves a large part of its fibers, in fact, Kresley himself through social networks has coordinated aid in terms of food and medicines that have been distributed in the state of La Guaira, Venezuela, the native state of Morales. To whom he also has great affection. Since this same territory has experienced in the past a series of difficult situations linked to floods and landslides.If he wins the title of Mr Gay World Usa, Morales is expected to prepare to represent the United States in the upcoming edition of Mr. Gay World.

    This preparation consists of traveling to different countries where great progress has been made in relation to equal rights for the LGBTI community. Among the nations with this philosophy are the Netherlands, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Costa Rica. Countries that fight for equality for each or every one of their inhabitants.

    More than beauty, a humane man

    Mr. Gay World is a competition made to rescue the rights of a community that has been historically harassed by circumstances where the decisions of a life linked to the sexuality of each individual are not accepted.

    It is not a beauty pageant; the delegates of each country have the responsibility to be a spokesperson not only in their community but in the entire world of human rights and the equality that should exist to all people.

    This is how franchises of this contest have been born around the world, being the most outstanding celebrations to choose the Mr. Gay World of each country in countries such as the Netherlands, Costa Rica, the Philippines, Spain, Puerto Rico, Spain and the Philippines.

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