Emotional Salary: A Benefit in Pro of Labor Relations in Costa Rica

    This is defined, somehow, in article 162 of our Civil Code

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    The concept of salary is defined in article 162 of our Labor Code. This as the “compensation that the employer must pay the worker under the employment contract”. Likewise, it should be noted that, in accordance with doctrine and jurisprudence, salary is one of the essential elements of the employment contract, also regulated by the Constitution. The above, when consecrated, is known as a right of the worker.

    We are clear, then, that salary is one of the essential elements of the employment contract. Not only does it evidence the existence of a labor relationship, but it goes further, by allowing the worker a tangible income, which is reflected in the acquisition of goods and services.

    And this is when we talk about emotional salary

    However, labor relations today have changed, since there is a component of equal or greater proportion compared to salary, which is of great importance: the psychological factor.

    This is known –in labor law– as emotional salary, and consists of a non-monetary remuneration, which introduces a series of vital characteristics within a relationship of this nature.

    Among them, the commitment to the company and the good performance in their functions (work performance), which expose the need of the human being to develop in their work in a harmonious environment in order to develop their capacities to the maximum.

    If we carefully analyze the figure of the emotional salary, we will see that it generates great benefits for both employers and workers. For this reason, many companies, both national and international, have given it great importance.

    And it is that, additionally, it is valued as a preventive measure against risk factors in the workplace such as: the affectation of interpersonal relationships, job demotivation or the appearance of medical conditions (work stress, depression or the well-known burnout syndrome.

    Although it is optional, it does generate empathy and talent retention

    While it is true that an emotional salary is optional for employers, providing it to workers in tangible ways generates empathy, high probability of retaining talent, and decreasing staff turnover.

    These are effects that benefit companies. While the worker shows initiative, greater opportunities for personal and professional development, improvement in his skills and a true balance between his personal and professional life.

    The management exercise of the employer entity must be comprehensive and multidisciplinary, that is, it must not be limited to complying with the payment of the respective remuneration, directing or disciplining, if necessary.

    Rather, it must have the tools that allow it to establish a harmonious work environment, which “infects” the company’s objectives with the worker, to the point that they converge.

    Thus, if in your company you want to implement emotional salary, we recommend evaluating internal policies regarding teleworking, flexibility in terms of working hours and hours, training, additional vacations, distraction spaces in the company, medical insurance, pet friendly spaces, among others options, always with due respect to work environments.

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