Let’s Improve Our Relationship With Nature!

    Strengthening the relationship with nature is one of the best gifts you can give your children

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    Generate ecological awareness in them, show a responsible attitude on your part with the care of the environment. The natural environment is a scenario of well-being, especially for your children, who were born in a context of new technologies that, in many cases, lead children to have individualistic recreation time in front of computers, telephones, cell phones or tablets .

    How can you improve your children’s relationship with nature?

    In some educational program there are definitions that promote the relationship between children and nature with activities in the room and also in the yard (for example in the garden area) where creativity and a positive relationship with the natural environment are promoted.

    Here are some activities to achieve this goal in family instances that will undoubtedly strengthen the bond between your child and the environment:

    1. Organize excursions to the countryside, hills, parks or squares

    During the weekend, schedule tourist routes to discover new places in our environment. Your child will love observing the color of the flowers and smelling their aroma, enjoying the relaxing sound of water in rivers and waterfalls or the song of birds. In this type of plan, you can also organize simple games. For example, lie on the ground with the children, and then begin to imagine what shapes the clouds draw in the sky.

    2. Become photographers

    You can take photos with your children to foster a love for natural landscape photography. Print some of these images to frame them and decorate the house or also draw different aspects of nature with them.

    3. Give nature to them

    There are many gifts that you can give your children different from those that are traditionally bought. For example, surprise him with a plant and teach him to water it. Go to a nursery together to choose her favorite flower.

    4. Give advice to take care of natural resources

    Train your child in environmental education for a good relationship with nature. For example, explain what steps you can take at home to save energy resources. Turn off the lights after leaving each room and turn off the water while brushing your teeth. Also, teach him to recycle and separate waste.

    5. Encourage a love of reading with a book about the environment

    Another gift that favors education in values is a book. To foster a love of reading by printing learning lessons, surprise him with a book about the animal world. Choose a book that contains striking illustrations, and share the reading with your child to discuss the content of the text together, for example, the story “His colors” by Leo Lionni. Likewise, it schedules family cinema sessions at home, selecting titles inspired by the beauty of the natural environment, for example, “The Jungle Book”, one of the Disney classics.

    “Special” recreational activities

    On your list of more “special” recreational activities, you can schedule a visit to the zoo so that the children can learn about different animal species. For a better relationship with nature, we also encourage you to enjoy the projections of stars in the Planetarium or simply see them in the sky ”. So your child will observe the beauty of a perfect universe in order and harmony.

    When they have done some of these activities together, you can suggest that they write a story about their experience.

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