“Amarrau”, the Song by the Costa Rican Artist Kavvo that is Placed First in Spotify

    The young 18-year-old artist was happy for the good reception of the public

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    The national artist Kavvo made history with his song “Amarrau” which this week ranked number one of the most listened to on the Spotify streaming platform in Costa Rica. The song of the reggaeton genre has been widely listened to by the Costa Rican population reaching 29,279 daily reproductions in the application, surpassing songs by Bad Bunny, Farruko and Rauw Alejandro, which has it as the most listened to in the national territory.

    In a country where local talent has more obstacles to be noticed, this fact represents an important step. Kavvo (Sandro Emanuel Herrera), the young 18-year-old Tico singer indicates that he was extremely grateful to the Costa Rican population.

    “It was crazy. The support has been incredible in social networks, in everything, I am very happy,” said the singer, who explained that the song has been ready since January and it was until two weeks ago that it was finally released.

    Kavvo acknowledged that he hoped the song would have good results, but “did not know what would go so well.” The song was produced by its manager, Christopher Alfaro and the music video was developed by César Mora.

    Next projects

    When asked about his next projects, Kavvo explained that he works hard on six songs and also on projects with national artists. In addition, he announced that during the next week he will premiere a new song together with Toledo and RVS.


    The young singer took the opportunity to thank the entire population that has supported him. “Thanks to the Tico people for the support given to my song, the reception it had is incredible and it is an example for the other national artists that if things are done well, with humility and good work, the support exists,” he commented.

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