Colombian Congress Approves Law to Legalize Recreational Cannabis

The First Committee of the Colombian Chamber of Representatives (deputies) approved this week, with 19 votes in favor and 16 against, a draft legislative act through which it seeks to legalize the use of Cannabis for recreational purposes.

“We did it! The regulation of Cannabis for adult use was approved in the first debate with 19 votes in favor and 16 against. We are achieving incredible things and with the support and help of all of you. We move on! ”, wrote on his Twitter account the deputy Juan Fernando Reyes, who is the author of the initiative together with the also deputy Juan Carlos Losada, both from the traditional Liberal Party (center-left).

The project seeks to regulate the use of Cannabis for recreational purposes based on the recognition of the fundamental rights to equality and the free development of the personality. The speakers of the initiative argue that Colombia has lost the fight against drugs and that, compared to Cannabis, alcohol is 114 times riskier for health, while pointing out that, according to the World Health Organization (WHO ), in 2019 tobacco claimed the lives of half of all the people who consume it. Likewise, they consider that the legalization of Cannabis is a measure to eliminate its trafficking and consumption.

Counter opinions

However, the opponents, among whom are congressmen from the traditional Conservative party and the ruling Democratic Center (CD, right), consider that the initiative would harm the country’s children and youth. In the past, a similar initiative aimed at legalizing cannabis for recreational purposes stalled in its second debate in Congress.

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