Costa Rica Guarantees the Rights of People without Nationality

The Minister of Foreign Relations and Worship Rodolfo Solano reiterated today Costa Rica’s commitment to respect, protect and guarantee the enjoyment of the human rights of people lacking nationality.

Costa Rica is also committed to addressing each case with a deeply human sense, undertaking a series of actions aimed at preventing the emergence of new stateless persons, as well as the identification, protection, and resolution of existing situations, Solano pointed out at the signing of the Declaration of Statelessness.

The ceremony, held in the Golden Room of Casa Amarilla, headquarters of the Costa Rican Foreign Ministry, was also attended by the representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Milton Moreno, and the Chief of the Options and Naturalizations Section of the Civil Registry, Germán Rojas.

Historical Commitment

On the occasion of the celebration for the 199 years of the Independence of Costa Rica, Solano reaffirmed the historical commitment of Costa Rica with the prevention, eradication, and tackling of statelessness, in the face of the challenges that this situation represents, and as an example of actions that must be undertaken to avoid any form of discrimination.

The Costa Rican Foreign Ministry points out that statelessness or lack of nationality represents a serious global problem from which the Central American region, and in particular Costa Rica, is not exempt.

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