Effective Explainer Video Marketing Trends for 2021

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    The days where a website or business didn’t use explainer videos that illustrate its social outfit has long since gone by. Now it’s not a matter of investing in a video explorer; it’s how to optimize this investment. Whenever you open a company’s website, you are welcomed by a video explaining what the company provides and how you can use its services. This is the new step in the efficient marketing of your goods, and everybody jumps into the car.

    Back in the day, marketers made live videos where people could describe the product as much as possible. However, these images have a little place today because they’re costlier, time-consuming, and can’t catch the audience’s attention compared to the alternative. According to Spiel videos are now rendered entirely digitally using animation technology. These videos provide a better understanding of the concept you want and capture much more attention than live videos.

    The dynamics in the market are evolving, and we want our customers to be fully up-to-date so they can decide for their company best.

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    Optimized for mobiles

    Modern consumers manage their lives almost entirely from their mobile devices. Brands should meet the target audience’s needs and appreciate the urgent need for customer service to be optimized for mobile devices. As part of customer onboarding and online travel, animated explainer videos can also be adapted for mobile applications. Thus, we can witness the introduction of one of the essential video marketing phenomena – it is the first smartphone approach.

    Enhanced Reality and Virtual

    AR and VR are very fresh on the market, but it won’t be long before you begin noticing them everywhere. Since this is an area with uniquely less content, an AR and VR supporting explainer video could disappear, making it viral!

    Some retail companies already invest in this technology and provide the customer with a unique experience. Through AR and VR, users can try out clothing on themselves to give them an idea of how it looks. This applies to all undecided online shoppers. AR and VR in video explainers mean that the audience can switch their phone in a different perspective or even communicate with the animated video explainer.

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    Liquid Motion

    Liquid motion is one of the most unbelievable design styles in which objects move fluently. It looks like the continuous movement and the only way to ‘morphing’ from shot to shot without any real cuts. This effect tends to attract the viewer’s attention, stick it to the video and inspire a person to see a video for longer, as there is more minor “break” to move away.

    Liquid motion is one of the trends in animation and motion design drawn by hand. This form of graphics takes more time and is more challenging to create than vector graphics. In addition, designers can make some modifications and edits to liquid motion graphics more complicated. This effect is also combined with bright neon colours, which give the visual a part-psychedelic and part-vapourware look.

    Whiteboard Animation

    The recent video animation trend is whiteboard animation or whiteboard explainer video. The artist draws the story physically in this style of animation. Then the animator records it with a marker pen and whiteboard. This is a high-profile video explainer trend that is expected to rise in 2022. The reason they are so common is that they are less expensive than 3D animation. Another advantage is that a flexible animation style is suitable for all industries. The video can be funny or serious. It depends on how you position the brand before the customers.

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    Animated videos for boarding

    Explainer videos are widely used for multimedia tools, websites, and mobile apps in on boarding experiences. They help relay the meaning and functionality of the product in few minutes and simultaneously provide entertainment to customers. In general, explainer videos are easy to understand and recall. Animated customer on boarding has thus become the next trend in video marketing in 2021 and is set to develop further in 2022.

    Interactive Explainer Videos

    Certain types of explainer videos can quickly be rendered interactive for increased user experience, particularly product-based videos. If it’s about a product or service, for example, a user can float the mouse over it, which results in text information about that product.

    Video interactivity can be done in many ways. This makes it difficult for the user to exit the video, as they are so involved.

    If you are trying to create brand recognition by explaining images, making them interactive is the way to go. Explainer videos are unforgettable, but interactive ingenuity takes place on the roof. This makes it difficult to forget the brand and will undoubtedly increase the click rate. Adding voiceovers using realistic text-to-speech tools to your explainer videos makes them more engaging and interactive.

    Animated Explainer Videos for Email Marketing

    If you add animation to an email, it spices up a lot. Companies use animated videos to introduce new features of existing products or to introduce new features. They are also beneficial during the holidays. With fun and engaging animation, you can grow loyalty.

    Animated Explainer Videos for Websites Backgrounds

    Animated explainer videos are widely used for website backgrounds. Using these images, the architecture of a site is further innovated and interactive. Different companies use such videos to demonstrate how their products work, to tell brand stories, values, etc. Such explainer videos are also found on the websites’ landing pages. This helps to drive consumers’ purchasing decisions.

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    The Mix of 2D and 3D Animation

    The two most significant video content trends in 2021 are both 2D and 3D animated videos. However, video marketing is expected to boom in the next year. If you are new to this, 2D animation is the art of generating motion in a 2-dimensional space.

    2D animation also involves character creation, object creation, and background creation. It is an illusion that the series of individual drawings generate movement over time. 3D animation blends 3D object models with a “keyframed” hand or programmed motion. Things modelled in the 3D environment will rotate and transform, which in 2D animation is impossible.

    Here are the most famous animated video explainers for this and the following year. Mobile optimization, personalization, 2D and 3D animation combinations, whiteboard animation, consumer animation, animated website background, and email marketing animation – these and more unbelievable patterns in animation await shortly.


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