Acquiring a Passport in Costa Rica during these Holidays will take 48 Hours

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    If for this end and beginning of year you need to complete the passport process, take into account that the delivery is being made 48 hours after the appointment. The Directorate of Migration and Foreigners maintains its staff during all this time of the Pandemic to carry out all the respective procedures. The measure includes all passport issues, whether for the first time, renewal, deterioration, loss or theft, as well as for folio renewal.

    “Due to a decrease in applications compared to previous years, the institution can deliver the documents in that period”, said Rosibel Vargas, Migration Manager. “The difference is the demand (…) during October, November and December they have reacted differently but the appointments are open, we attend to whatever comes,” Vargas stressed.

    During the first months of the Pandemic, they served about 200 people a day, but as of October the number rose to 800. That allows them to continue with the delivery two days after the appointment. Those interested in this procedure can apply through the Banco de Costa Rica or Correos de Costa Rica.

    “If you compare the statistics, we did 257 thousand procedures (in previous years) and this year we are going through 110 thousand procedures only for passports,” the spokesperson acknowledged.

    The costs for the procedure are the following:

    Passport issuance: $ 56

    Shipping cost: ¢ 5,424

    Bank commission: $ 8 (this, in case it is done by the BCR)

    I need a passport, what do I do?

    Migración will close its facilities on December 23rd and reopen on January 4th , 2021. But, on the 28th and 29th of December, they will have a team that will be in charge of producing the requested passports.

    If you are in urgent need to obtain this document, you can send an email to the address: [email protected] to make an emergency appointment. Thus, the institution can issue you an advance.

    Costa Ricans who are abroad and present the same problem, have the option of sending an email to the address: [email protected] and will receive a response within 24 hours. Although BCR and Correos de Costa Rica will have the passport processing service until December 30th, they will be issued from January 4th, Vargas stressed.

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