“Eculturarte” Came to Highlight the Best of Costa Rica and Other Nations

    The geographical unity, the love of work, culture, art, knowledge and surfing were part of an initiative in Dominical that shows that dreams do come true...

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    Costa Rica continues to grow and it is thanks to initiatives such as the first “Feria ECulturarte del Pacífico”, focused on valuing culture, art, knowledge and our environment.

    A few days ago, we spoke with Zeydi Jiménez Tabash, one of the organizers of the fair, who told us all the details of the activity that took place on Saturday, November 12th in Dominical.

    The ECulturarte Fair is part of a Consortium named “EcoArte” that is represented by six women, many of them with the last name Jiménez, not all of them are family, but they maintain the same desires to unite ventures and advance.

    Promoting tourism and entrepreneurship

    “We are trying to promote tourism and entrepreneurship, artisans are part of this whole project, all complying with our standard without products that have animal abuse and no plastic, hand in hand with our environment,” said Jiménez.

     It is worth noting that this is an international event because it had the exhibition of 30 enterprises from various areas of Costa Rica, as well as colleagues of various nationalities such as Venezuelans, Argentines, Nicaraguans, Peruvians and Mexicans. 95% of the entrepreneurs have more than 10 years of experience, 22 are women.

    This was the occasion for five cantons of the Central American country to unite, reason for its name Culturarte del Pacífico. Specifically from the South Pacific: Osa, Buenos Aires and Pérez Zeledón, from the Central Pacific: Quepos and Parrita.

    For Zeydi, the geographical union is important for this type of activities, “we can carry out the second one in the middle of next year, in high season, we have projections outside our country, we want our talent to cross borders”.

    In fact, in Costa Rica there is a fair called Binacional, which is already 4 years old and Ticos participate with entrepreneurs from Panama. The Culturarte del Pacífico team wants to promote the Binational among Ticos and Nicaraguan artisans, “there are many dreams, you have to work on them to fulfill them,” added Jiménez.

    What does the ECuturarte Fair offer?

    The entrepreneurs who said “present” at the Dominical fair offered their attendees aromatherapy services, massages, lodging and tour guide, food sales, crafts, painting, plants such as orchids, surf classes for children and watercolor also for the little ones.

    Indigenous artisans

    An incredible energy was felt by the presence of artisans representing the indigenous people of the Curré Territory of the Buenos Aires canton, all of them presented masks, ornaments, maracas, jewelry boxes and more. The users appreciated the talent of the Iriria folkloric group (in the Bribri indigenous language) representing the earth girl.

    They were showing their talent at the fair: the children of the Dominicalito school with their typical dances, also adults with the Costa Rican music of authors such as Alfonso Quesada Hidalgo, Benigno Calvo Rodríguez, Carlos Guzmán Bermúdez, José Calderón Fernández and Arnaldo Sánchez Hernández; declamation of poetry by Marta Barboza Valverde and Rafael Ángel Sancho Guevara.

    It could not be missed talks to exalt the role of women in local history, making known the life experience of Dorotea Mora Quirós and Mariela Badilla Ureña and a special talk about the Coastal Row where the Earth and the Sea meet, dictated by Javier Rodríguez Fonseca, Executive Director of the Promar Foundation and also, Scientific Adviser in the International Whaling Commission (CBI) of the country.

    The organizers of the Culturarte Fair, appreciate the support with the local businessman Francis Villalobos Navarro, who owns Cabinas and the El Coco restaurant. Also to the Dominical Surf School team and the Pérez Zeledón Pictorial Collective of the South.

    Finally, the objective is that the event is held annually and that more and more enterprises from other nations are added, of course the local essence cannot be missing, always with respect for our planet and loving the value of culture.

    Bravo, that they continue adding consciously in Costa Rica!

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