Ecological Blue Flag Awarded To The Storage Center from The Municipality Of San José

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    The Recycling Program from the Municipality of San José was awarded the Blue Flag Ecological Climate Change Award, being the only facility in this municipality that has this distinction, going from last year to 2016, from one star to three stars and from a score of 96 to a score of 100.

    The Ecological Blue Flag is awarded annually, which rewards effort and volunteer work in the search for conservation and development, in accordance with the protection of natural resources, the implementation of actions to face climate change, the search for better sanitary conditions and the improvement of the public health of the inhabitants.

    This confirmation is given by the Blue Flag Technical Team, having won the Award of the Ecological Blue Flag Program – 2016 in the Climate Change category, encourages this municipality to continue working hard for the quality of life of its inhabitants.

    The Collection Center has 26 officials who fulfill a very important mission such as guaranteeing the right of everyone to enjoy a healthy and ecologically balanced environment, as well as to protect public health and to promote separation at the source and the classification of waste, both by the private sector and households, as well as by public sector institutions.

    A motivation to move foward

    “This achievement is due to the efforts of prominent officials in the Recycling Program, as well as the motivation received from the Directorate of the Department of Environmental Services to always carry out quality work in this municipality,” stressed Mr. Álvaro Valerin, in charge of the Recycling Center.

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