199 Years of Great Historical Moments

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    Every September 15, Costa Rica celebrates its Independence Day.

    In this 2,020 are 199 years of great historical events in the country -example- of Central America.

    It all begins on September 13, with the delivery of the Torch (from the government of Costa Rica to Ticas cultural authorities), which symbolizes the independence between Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

    It is a route from country to country (Nicaragua to Costa Rica), a journey in which independence was announced.

    This Torch must arrive in Cartago, on September 14, where the parade of lanterns takes place (made up of students from schools in the country).

     The activity consists of the students design-decorating the lanterns for each school, which must then be paraded on the night of the 15th, when independence was announced.

    Now, why do students take care of the lanterns? In other countries you see military personnel on the streets, but since there is no army in Costa Rica, the students represent the Costa Rican population.

    Did you know that?

     The lanterns represent the candle made by María Dolores Bedoya (a Guatemalan hero who participated in the Central American independence movement), on September 14, 1821 in the streets of Antigua Guatemala, calling on the people to gather outside the town hall , where the independence of the Central American countries was discussed.

    On September 15 of that same year (1821), both Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, achieved independence from Spain.

    It is precisely at 6 pm when the national anthem is heard on the radio, a really significant moment.

    A double freedom

    According to history, freedom was won twice: Costa Rica was part of the Viceroyalty of New Spain (a large territory that includes the whole of Central America and Mexico). As the years passed, Latin America grew from citizens tired of always living the same, so they raised their voices asking for changes.

    The strength is in the joining

    From 1808, Spanish America began to have its opportunity to liberate itself; the French general Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Spain and deposed his ruling family. This gave Latin Americans the opportunity to rebel and all through the independence movements.

    It was a long and hard fight, but what so many longed for was achieved: Freedom!

    In this year 2020, although it is in a pandemic, Costa Rican citizens commemorate this date, the independence of the most beautiful, greenest, most Pura Vida country!

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