Eco-friendly Technology in Motor Vehicles Now Available to Ticos

    Tesla arrives in Costa Rica

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    They are known for their electric propulsion system, but their characteristics go further. They have a leading autopilot in autonomous driving technology, but also integrated functions such as video games or streaming television systems, such as Netflix. All these qualities belong to the Tesla, a brand of vehicles that already travels through the streets of Costa Rica.

    The S, X, Y and 3 models of the American company led by tycoon Elon Musk are available in the country. By the end of 2021 the new Cybertruck is expected to be on the market. These can be purchased as of this year and zero kilometers from $ 57,000 – all expenses included, in the case of the Model 3.

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    Among the advances highlighted of the Tesla in technology and battery software, is for example, the S Plaid + model reach a range of more than 837 kilometers, when other brands reach a range between 300 and 400 kilometers.

    Reasons for switching to an electric car

    There are at least three big reasons to switch to an electric car:

    1) It is substantially cheaper to operate an electric vehicle in Costa Rica: An electric vehicle can be up to eight times cheaper on fuel.

    2) Electric vehicles are very pleasant to drive: the instantaneous torque (ability of an engine to transmit its power to the wheels) is very addictive.

    3) The environmental benefits: in Costa Rica, electricity is clean, so almost zero carbons are produced when driving an electric vehicle.

    Tesla’s – in addition – are particularly desirable for their range, performance and safety ratings; but also for functions such as “Santa mode”. This can be activated through the car screen or by saying the voice command “ho, ho, ho” and activates Christmas music while transforming the icon of the vehicle in its characteristic sentinel – system of monitoring of the surroundings of the car – in a sleigh and those around in reindeer. This feature is highlighted as a tool to combat theft and vandalism, since potential threats to the vehicle are recorded by cameras that are sent to the driver as soon as the event occurs. Other prominent features of this brand are its regular over-the-air system updates, which continually improve the car over time, adding new features and functionality.

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