Gaming for Giving: Video Games Enthusiasts Collect Christmas Supplies for Children

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    This year, GameCon is expecting 6,000 participants in the Costa Rica Video Games Convention, benefitting 5,500 kids.

    The Costa Rica Video Games Convention is here for their 4th Edition at the Museo de los Niños. The event will be on December 12 and 13 from 9am to 5pm.

    This year’s event will collect toys and school supplies for children in social risk. The donations will be delivered from December 28 to December 30 the zones of Talamanca, Goicoechea, Tibás, Alajuelita, San Vito de Coto Brus, and of course the Hospital Nacional de Niños.

    For just ₡3,500 you can enjoy both the gaming activities prepared by the event’s the staff and also the regular exhibits of the Museum.

    GameCon Schedule


    • 9:00 am — Doors open
    • 9:30 am — Organizers speech
    • 10:30 am — Wreck-It Ralph movie
    • 11:30 am — Tournament registration begins
    • 12:00 pm — Cosplay runway
    • 12:30 pm — Tournament registration ends
    • 1:00 pm
      • Speech by Alan Garro, “History of Handheld Consoles”
      • Vintage Band Concert
      • Tournaments begin
    • 2:30 pm — Gorilla Fun Concert
    • 3:00 pm — Speech by William Ugalde of Creepy Pasta
    • 3:30 pm — Vintage Soul Concert
    • 5:00 pm — End of Day 1


    • 9:00 am — Doors open
    • 9:30 am — Speech from the organizers
    • 10:30 am — Halo Legends movie
    • 11:00 am — Concert with the Cartago Concert Band
    • 11:30 am — Tournament registration begins.
    • 12:00 pm — Cosplay Runway
    • 12:30 pm — Tournament registration ends.
    • 1:00 pm
      • Speech by John Fernández, “Digital Animation for Video Games”
      • Sukia Concert
      • Tournaments begins
    • 2:30 pm — Nimrod Concert
    • 3:00 pm — Speech with David Alejandro Parés, “The Impact of the Video Games in Society”
    • 3:30 pm — Hentai Frankie Concert
    • 5:00 pm — End of Day 2



    1. Urban Champion on console
    2. Mario Kart 64 on Nintendo 64
    3. Killer Instinct Season 2 on Xbox One
    4. Super Smash Melee on Wii
    5. Call of duty Advance Warfare on PS4
    6. Relámpago on PC


    1. Pokemon VGC15 modifying 3Ds
    2. Smash on Wii U
    3. Call of Duty Black Ops on PS4
    4. Color Guardians on PS4, co-op
    5. Pacman Arcade
    6. Mario Kart 8 on Wii U
    7. Mario Nes, co-op
    8. Halo 5 on Xbox One.
    9. Fifa 16 on Xbox One
    10. Rocket League on PS4
    11. Relámpago on PC

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    The Creation of Gamecon

    According to Esteban Sancho Carpio, the director of Gamecon:

    [quote_center]“GC was born by the initiative of the Comunidad Gamer de Costa Rica’s administrators. Since the beginning, the goal was to help the neediest people by doing what we like to do.”[/quote_center]

    As Sancho explains, the Costa Rican Gamer Community developed the first edition of the event in 2012 in a relatively short time. Back then, 1500 people attended Gamecon, and they have grown over the years; for example, the last year 3500 people participated.

    Each year, Gamecon works with the Techo Verde Church in Goicoechea, who helps distribute the majority of the resources collected during the event. “We also support different organizations like FRUPRONAMA and El Club Rotario Cartago,” says Sancho.

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