Doing Good for the planet: What the New Working Generations Want From Their Jobs

    It´s no longer just about the paycheck, rather is what meaning does their productivity bring

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    Many workers no longer just want to work, they want to do good. Millennials, in particular, look for opportunities in their work to contribute to what they believe to be their suggested larger goal.

    The new American workplace means making a positive impact and embracing a sense of purpose this way attracting young workers, who demand employers demonstrate purpose beyond profit.

    Employee expectations at work have fundamentally changed, especially since the onset of Covid-19. This is a real opportunity for organizations to experience the next new normal.

    Millennial generation, so driven to do better at workls and Gen Z workers don’t just talk about doing good. Many informed “old-timers,” say they never have seen a generation so driven to do good at work.And even willing to earn much less because their main goal is to make the world a better place.

    Now, big companies are also embracing these same concepts, mostly because millennials are embracing them. But they must also be authentic in their actions. Companies that play fast and loose do so at their peril, not only can these young people find out if you are authentic, but they will never forgive you if you break their trust since authentic cannot be ambiguous.

    In a global survey last year, 6,000 people were asked what qualities they expect most from their leaders at work. The four core qualities all relate to the actions of the “heart” (emotional well-being). Respondents said they mostly wanted more recognition, coaching, listening and attention from their leaders.There’s still a huge gap between what employees want and what employers are doing, but thanks to the pandemic, it’s finally starting to close. Now no leader can ignore the need to do good.”

    Even some companies and organizations whose sole mission is to benefit humanity are looking for ways to do even better and attract new employees because of it. They want  careers to be proud of – knowing that they are actively, not just passively, helping others. This generation is frustrated with the state of the planet and wants to make it a viable place to live. They would much rather be happy in a job than worry about what the money looks like.Smart companies are figuring it out: doing good apparently does good everywhere.

    In Costa Rica, Resonance is the place where young workers can find that meaning in life they are looking for

    Resonance is uniting a conscious community of Digital Nomads, Entrepreneurs, Healers, Nature Lovers and Alternative Thinkers. All set on making this world a brighter place to live.We invite you from wherever you are and make the move to a Higher Vibrational Living.

    Tired and frustrated from the lack of action from our society and governments in creating a change for our planet and future generations? We are gathering and joining to be the change and lead by example.

    At Resonance we clear the mind, understand the gifts in our emotions and heal the imbalance in the body so we can choose the path of personal transformation and serve the world with greater clarity and compassion. Our mission is to inspire, embody and cocreate a community of wellbeing through education, transformation and practical integration.

    For those who have experienced shifts in consciousness and know that more peace, joy, and love awaits in a better living environment. A bold shared vision.A living community and hub for innovation.A sustainable ecosystem for living and working.A model for the new future.

    Encourage conscious enterprise, investment and ingenuity. A sustainable land of opportunity and regeneration. A place for inventors and innovators, engineers and entrepreneurs to call home.Where the pioneers of new technologies will power the industries of tomorrow for generations to come.We also build the social fabric and our basic need for connection through Authentic Relating Games, Non-Violent Communication and Community Give Back Projects.

    At Resonance, we aspire to live in harmony with the natural world as a reflection of our gratitude for life.  We are co-creating an inspired and integrative community, committed to working, living and learning together. We resonate with that deep longing to belong to the hive and the desire to live the highest version of ourselves in service.

    This is a place of purpose fueled by passion while having respite from the hustle.  With an abundance of time for enjoyment, solace, and peace.We aspire for sovereignty in Consciousness – Land – Water – Food – Energy – Data.

    For more information visit:

    Resonance Costa Rica
    Shifting Reality
    For those who have experienced shifts in consciousness and know that more peace, joy, and love awaits in a better living environment. A bold shared vision. A living community and hub for innovation. A sustainable ecosystem for living and working. A model for the new future.
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