Do You Really Browse the Internet Safely?

    Good practices must be taken to counteract the intent of cybercriminals

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    Web browsers are an attractive target for cybercriminals due to their nature as ports of access to the virtual world, since they have become stores of passwords, cookies, search histories, among other sensitive data that can easily be tracked by criminals if proper care is not taken.

    Among the main threats that circulate through this type of software incorporated in both computers and mobile devices are malicious add-ons or plugins, exploitation of vulnerabilities for theft or download of contaminated programs, and hijacking of sessions on financial or other similar sites.

    Likewise, other common crimes are the so-called “Man In The Middle”, through which the attackers manage to infiltrate the active session in the browser and be able to redirect the user to cloned or phishing pages, a common practice when using public networks, according to experts from cybersecurity firms.

    Sound advice

    To counteract the risk, good practices such as visiting only sites with the initials “https”, thinking twice before downloading an unknown file, disabling the automatic saving of passwords and using the ‘incognito mode’ of browsers are some of the best recommendations.

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